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[CTA] Countdown Timer 1.7.5_00_EQnoble

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hi guys, I just put this up without using the widget system and its just on the front page showing zero and 'West Brom v United' - which I changed. Any ideas?!?


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Question: I installed this on my forum, but all of the countdown numbers just show 0. I have done some modification of my sidebar, but can't figure out what would cause it to not count down...

This is the site in question:
Countdown is currently disabled.

You must set the options from the Admin control Panel:

Once there you can change the options:

hi guys, I just put this up without using the widget system and its just on the front page showing zero and 'West Brom v United' - which I changed. Any ideas?!?

If it is not counting down it is probably because you need to set the time to countdown to from the options page...


Let me know if that was the problem.


Sorry, I should have mentioned that I DID set the timer from the admin panel. My exact settings were
Month: 2
Day: 11
Year: 2012
Hour: 18
Minute: 0
Second: 0

Obviously, that wouldn't work now, but it was before that date when I was initially trying to set it up, and I just got all zeroes.


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If you have skype or teamviewer I can better help you, I am kind of flying blind here and can't really begin to guess why it would not countdown. With either of those programs you can allow me to see your screen (teamviewer will allow me to control your mouse and KB if you grant permission on request popup, skype will only allow me to see but it may be all we need.) so that I can get a better insight on the problem. To me this is safer for you than giving me admin access which I try not to do myself when the table is turned around.

Let me know how you want to do this. You can start a convo with me if you would like.


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Do you have any other additional javascript being loaded?
That would be my guess.

Lone Wolf

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I love this countdown Brogan but I'd like it to match my theme.

I'd like to remove the weeks and I want to change the header section so the background is green and the text is in white.

The I'd like to make the background of the bottom section white and the background for the numbers/word to be black. The the numbers and words could also be white.

Does anyone know what templates to edit and how?

Lone Wolf

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Thats brilliant. Is there any chance you could make the countdown numbers fill out the bottom a bit more? Bigger numbers and less white space would make it perfect


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Gimme a couple minutes...just going to take my steaks off the grill:D

When I finish and while they are sitting for 5 mins I will package this into a custom version of the addon...this way you can just remove the old one and install this one...I do it this way just because there was so many changes it really is just easier to send it whole.