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Unmaintained RecentStatus 4.0.2

Display recent status comments in your forum sidebar.

  1. bambua
    This was from a request thread and I thought it would be a good addon to cut my teeth on so to speak with the XenForo framework.

    It adds a sidebar block that shows the most recent status updates. The number of updates shown is editable from the ACP.

    If you have any questions, concerns, or bugs please post them.

    I hope you enjoy it :D


    1. recentStatusComments2.PNG
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Recent Updates

  1. 4.1 in testing

Recent Reviews

  1. DaniD
    Version: 4.0.2
    Does not work for me. Caused a fatal error when tried to run on Xeno 1.3.
  2. BioRage
    Version: 4.0.2
    Works on Flexile Dark perfectly fine.

    Just need a way to move the side bar up!
  3. Xyphien
    Version: 4.0.2
    Doesn't work with any of the themes I've used. I've requested help in the discussion and no reply. I find this useless unless you are using the default xenforo theme.
  4. akia
    Version: 4.0.2
    Does what it says on the tin!