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Post Rating Icons (extended) Shelley
Unmaintained Post Rating Icons (extended) added resource to xenforo
An extension of more post rating icons I added over the previous ones.
[SSD] Positively Pastel Post Ratings Stolen Sheep Design
Pastel coloured positive-only post rating set
Notifications - Gamer Fluid GREY v2 Shelley
Notifications - Gamer Fluid GREY v2
Notifications - Gamer Fluid v2 Shelley
Notifications - Gamer Fluid v2
Close Icon Shelley
This is the close icon in PSD format so you can directly make changes (colour)
Meme Moods Redeux Sheldon
Meh, tired of the same old ones...
Minions Sheldon
Poka! Baddy dona la ki! Po-chi Poka!
A free resources from the team Minerskinz.com
WE FIGHT SPAM! [Images for Image-based, Anti-spam Add-ons] JacquiiDesigns
A set of 25 images to be used with image-based, anti-spam add-ons | by JacquiiDesigns
Debug Edit wrench Icons Shelley
These icons come in a variety of colours on the chance you want to use other colours of the icon.
Gamer 3 Notification Shelley
Gamer 3 notification card that may appeal to gaming sites.
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