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Unmaintained Rank Images pack12 v1

A free resources from the team Minerskinz.com

  1. Miner
    Zip consist, set of 8 premade images and the psd file for your convenience to create further ranks as needed.

    1. Admin
    2. Super Mod
    3. Mod
    4. Expert Member
    5. Elite Member
    6. Senior Member
    7. Junior member
    8. Newbie

    If you need help with our resource, do not hesitate to post at our support forums, our graphics team is always ready to help you.

Recent Reviews

  1. Tracy Perry
    Tracy Perry
    Version: v1
    These are nice.. would be nice to have one for Global Moderator, Banned and Suspended (I've already have some I'm using but those were 3 I had to hunt for).
    1. Miner
      Author's Response
      No problem i will add them soon.
  2. StRonK
    Version: v1
    very nice but a little big :)