[SSD] Positively Pastel Post Ratings

Unmaintained [SSD] Positively Pastel Post Ratings 1.0a

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Amazing Great work love it thanks for sharing with us as I was looking for something like this to customize the ratings! Thanks again!
Great idea doing these in pastel. Need a thumb down and a popcorn though still :) So when can we expect an extended smiles and node icons done in pastel too :)
Stolen Sheep Design
Stolen Sheep Design
I'm pretty confident that any smileys I came up with wouldn't come close to Shelley's :) The thumbs down and popcorn and node icons - those I can do :D Thanks Mike.
Really like these neat looking pastel icons. Hope more can be added in the future such as a heart shaped one. Would recommend these to anyone that might want something different for their post rating add-on. :)
Stolen Sheep Design
Stolen Sheep Design
Thanks. i'll see about a heart for you :)
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