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[HA] XFMG Categories Layouts Ozzy47
Show XFMG Categories in a very new and attractive way
[XFA] Media Of The Month XFA
[XFA] Media Of The Month 3.6.0 €6.00
Create Media Of The Month contests in your XenForo Media Gallery !
[XFA] Profile Latest Media Gallery Block XFA
This add-on lets you view a block in the sidebar or above tabs on your profile page.
[XFA] MG Categories Layout XFA
New categories list layout similar to nodes display for Media Gallery.
[cXF] Sidebar Extension for XenForo Media Gallery BassMan
Enhance your default XenForo Media Gallery sidebar.
Rebuilds XFMG custom field cache for each media item
[cXF] Media Tabs BassMan
Show tabs in XenForo Media Gallery instead of sorting menu.
[XFA] MG Album Block XFA
[XFA] MG Album Block 2.0.0 €2.00
Add a latest or random XFMG albums block to your forum sidebar.
Media of the Day/Week/Month 0ptima
Schedule the automatic creation of a thread with a random entry from your XenForo Media Gallery
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