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Create default albums for user 1

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Compatible XF 1.x versions
Additional requirements
XenForo Media Gallery
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This creates default gallery albums for a user when they register.

You can specify any number of albums to create when they register.

This promotes users uploading content and creating more interaction.


It's used on my site - https://www.LandCruiserClub.net You can register there for a demo.

I developed it to meet my needs but open to ideas for adding functionality to it.

Create an alert when a user is created to tell them their albums have been created.

This is my first add-on published - feedback is welcome.

I wrote this for 1.5.7 - it's untested on everything else. If you try it on something else please let me know.

Donations are always welcome if you like this add-on. PayPal email address via private conversation if you want.
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This resource relies on you having XenForo Media Gallery installed. It will not install if this is not present.
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Very good mod that will help me for increase my traffic. Thank you CrispinP for your good work. And i hope you will develop many add-ons.
Thank you.