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  1. El Porcharo

    XF 2.2 Enable registration unchecked doesn't completely prevent registrations with associated account

    Facebook use to periodically verify their developers applications compliance, so one of their staff members contacted me complaining that I had to provide a test user account, so they could verify my application work flow and compliance as it seemed that it wasn't being used properly by my app...
  2. nero

    XF 2.1 Registration not working

    Hello, I just migrated the board to Xenforo from phpBB. Everything works fine except user registration. When clicking the "Register button", a popup opens with the registration form. I fill it but when validating I'm redirected to the same registration page...
  3. BoostN

    Slack Notify 2.1.1

    This is an add-on for XenForo 2.1. This allows you to receive notifications as listed below in your own Slack group/channel. This add-on requires you to have your own Slack channel. You may set one up by visiting, then creating a custom Incoming Webhook as found here...
  4. C

    XF 2.0 Can not save User Registration options

    Hello, Just reinstalled XF2 and I can save pretty much everything in my board setup with the exception of the User Registration options. Each time I go to save these options, I get the dredded "Oops! We ran into some problems. This action could not be completed because you are no longer logged...
  5. ActorMike

    XF 1.5 Banned Email Addresses *

    A couple weeks ago, we are having problems with spammers attempting to use email addresses and getting caught in the user moderation queue. So I added * to banned email addresses. Just looked and someone was able to attempt to register with that address today. Did I do...
  6. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Content IP & User registration IP same?

    Hi, I clicked a post "IP" link from our forum to see the IP. I'm wondering if you could help me understand why the content IP of a post, and the User registration IP are the exact same ones? Only one (1) post was like that. All others were different. What does it mean? Thanks! (If this is in...
  7. leemy

    XF 1.5 Facebook signup - real name as username

    Hi, I am setting up FB Connect for registration. When a username approves the FB application, the next page shows their e-mail (and profile pic, etc) are brought in, but the username field is blank. I've searched some previous threads where there is conflicting information: real name is passed...
  8. CrispinP

    Unmaintained Create default albums for user 1

    This creates default gallery albums for a user when they register. You can specify any number of albums to create when they register. This promotes users uploading content and creating more interaction. It's used on my site - You can register there for a...
  9. AndroidOS

    Unmaintained New User New Thread 1.11

    The New User New Threads addon creates a new topic (in a forum of your choice) each time a new user is registered. Features Choose the forum the thread should be posted in Choose the user who posts the thread Have the newly registered user to post the thread themselves (automatically) Change...
  10. jauburn

    Lack of interest New user conversation for manually registered users (via admin CP)

    Occasionally I have the need to manually add a user (or users) from the back end via the Users -> +Create New User button. When I do this, however, the new welcome conversation configured on the User Registration screen does not get sent. I suggest that an option be placed on the User...
  11. JamieSinn

    Unmaintained Minecraft Name Check 1.1.1

    Minecraft Name Check Check if the username given during registration is a valid Minecraft username. Also checks for illegal characters Features Based off Mojang's API - 100% accuracy Lightweight Fully Open Source under the MIT License Stops spam bots without the need for complex captcha...
  12. erich37

    Lack of interest change "Sign-Up Now!" to forward to Register-page

    I would suggest to change the big orange Sign-Up-button being forwarded to the Register-page ? This would be much better as the current implementation, as both "Log-in" and Sign Up Today" do the same thing.
  13. chousho

    [Suggestion] Invitation Registration and Tree

    This is just a suggestion, however: While a good majority of forums are open and public, some are more private and seek to be built around a small community. I was wondering [if not in XF, than as an idea for a plugin] about the following: Rather than letting any user register however many...
  14. EQnoble

    Duplicate [Suggestion] Email a friend page .. ../comunity/invite-landing/create-invitation

    Another post got me thinking, Inviting. Do we have an invite system here/coming up, I searched and couldn't find anything though I didn't look to hard I admit. My thoughts were as follows ... An invite-landing page where a user could be told the benefits of inviting solid leads to good...
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