XF 1.5 Content IP & User registration IP same?


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Hi, I clicked a post "IP" link from our forum to see the IP. I'm wondering if you could help me understand why the content IP of a post, and the User registration IP are the exact same ones? Only one (1) post was like that. All others were different.

What does it mean?


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IP addresses don't always change. For example my IP address assigned to my modem which I use for my desktop computer is dynamic could change any time, however it typically doesn't change for many months or even as long as a year.
So if you clicked on a post by a recent member (days ago), and saw this, it wouldn't raise any flag?

Correct, that's perfectly normal.

The only time I have found the IP address to be useful is when two different members are posting and have the same IP address. However we have to be careful as sometimes IP addresses will be the same for different members and completely legit, for example AOL members.
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