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Facebook OpenGraph Image from [img] or [attach] tags 1.3

Use the first image found in a [img] or [attach] tag to populate the og:image field

  1. CrispinP
    By default XenForo uses a static image or the author's avatar in the open graph image metadata. This image is what Facebook displays when you share one of your forum's url.

    Basically you end up with the same image over and over again when sharing a thread URL on Facebook.

    This addon tries to solve this problem by replacing the og:image metadata with images found within [img ] or [attach ] tags on threads. If no image is found, the default static image is used.

    This works with images found in threads. No other section is supported right now.

    The addon works with images found in the current page of the thread url. If there are images in other pages, the addon won't be able to find those and no replacement will be made.

    - Make sure you are on XenForo 1.2. XenForo 1.1.5 and lower are not supported.
    - Upload all the files you find on the upload folder
    - Import the .xml file

    This addon is fully supported here on XenForo.com and you can freely submit bug reports, suggestions or any other comment about it.

    This addon was funded by Ömer Görür . A big thank you for allowing me to release it as a free addon.
    Credit must also go to the original author - JulianD. I took this over from him.

    If my work is useful to you, please consider a small donation ;) :)


    I will chuck some of the donation to the original author as and when :)

Recent Reviews

  1. timetraveler
    Version: 1.3
    Simple, but yet really excellent plugin. A must have for forums that uses images in the first post as discussion cover.
  2. BobbyWibowo
    Simply works as intended. I had to do my own little customization but it was just because I had different implementation in mind.
  3. mekha matta
    mekha matta
    it is a great addon...i have 1.5.1...i tryed to install but it's not taking the thread image...it still takes the avatar or the xenforo logo...any help ?
  4. kjaonline
    Works like a charm. Many thanks! :)
  5. hthaccount
    XenForo 1.1.5 and lower are not supported. oh no!!!
  6. Ömer Görür
    Ömer Görür