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  • s9e Media Sites
    s9e Media Sites
    Improves the performance and usability of media sites, and adds many popular new sites.
    • JoshyPHP
    • Updated:
  • UI.X 2
    UI.X 2
    The Ultimate Theme Framework
    • ThemeHouse
    • Updated:
  • Chat 2 by Siropu
    Chat 2 by Siropu
    Feature-rich, mobile-friendly chat application with Rooms, Private Conversations and more.
    • Siropu
    • Updated:
  • Add-on Update Notifier
    Add-on Update Notifier
    🔔 Receive auto alerts when your 🧰 installed add-ons have some 👨‍🏭 versions/updates available
    • mazzly
    • Updated:
  • Implementing permissions across multiple user groups
    Implementing permissions across multiple user groups
    How to make best use of the cumulative permission behaviour
    • Paul B
    • Updated:

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    5.00 star(s)
    A required addition to the add-on that...
    • webbouk
  • Post notice
    5.00 star(s)
    An excellent add-on that covers a requirement being introduced by eBay Partner Network...
    • webbouk
  • Beta Amazon SES Bounces Support
    5.00 star(s)
    Great component, should be default on xnforo forum. I saw that it is more than two years old and...
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  • Ultimate Server Listing
    5.00 star(s)
    Great addon, worth the money, and very easy to use! I'm glad I found this addon and it's...
    • EnvyChat
  • [Andrew] Moderator Panel
    5.00 star(s)
    Simply brilliant addon that makes the life of moderators so much easier. I can't believe I...
    • hqarrse
Post notice all AndyB
Post notice all 1.0 $35.00
Updates all posts which require a post notice.
Post notice AndyB
Post notice 1.0 $35.00
Adds post notice when message contains specific domain.
[XenCustomize] Holidays Manager: Vacations, Events, Trips & Travel-related CMS Veer
Easily create and organize holidays, events, and travel-related content. Upcoming holidays and more.
AI Phrase Translation by Siropu Siropu
Automate phrase translation using AI.
[Xen-Soluce] Custom Colors Picker XenSoluce
This add-on allows you to change the colors of your prefixes and banners.
Ebay search link AndyB
Ebay search link 1.0 $35.00
Creates eBay search links from keywords.
Share via QR Code K
Shows QR button as share option
Style WGrid webtiryaki
Style WGrid 2.12.3 $20.00
Style WGrid Xenforo Tehemes
Poll Byte asprin
Poll Byte 1.0.1
Create fun polls to engage your site visitors and enable them to share their opinions
Slots tofia
Slots 1.0.1 €9.99
Restrict user upgrades to a maximum number of concurrent active upgrades.
Disallowed extensions AndyB
Disallows selected attachment file extensions in posts.
User Upgrade Management tofia
User Upgrade Management 1.0.1 €9.99
Allows managing user upgrades through the frontend using permissions.
Cryptomus is a multi-functional system that allows businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments.
Submit content without approval AndyB
Allows excluding forums from Sumit content without approval.
Change Twitter Share Logo To X Logo mjda
As the title says, this is how to change the Twitter logo to the X logo in the Share widget.
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