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[XFA] RM Categories Layout XFA
New categories list layout similar to nodes display for Resource Manager.
[XFA] RM Marketplace XFA
[XFA] RM Marketplace 3.9.6 €8.00
Transforms your RM into an outstanding marketplace or shop !
[HA] XFRM Resources Layout Ozzy47
Easily change the layout of Resources list in XFRM
Add Resource Icon image in Search GameNet
Add Resource Icon image in Search
Resource Search AndyB
Allows searching the Resource Manager based on category and resource fields.
[HA] XFRM Categories Layouts Ozzy47
Show XFRM Categories in a very new and attractive way
[HA] Featured Resources Layouts Ozzy47
Display the featured resources in a better way
Amazon Parser Resource AndyB
Adds Amazon affiliate ID to links in resource description.
[XFA] RM Multiple Categories Resources XFA
Enhance your Resource Manager with the capability to show resources in multiple categories
[XFA] Download From list XFA
Direct download button from resources list with download now/downloaded state
[DFE] Resource Gallery Scharesoft
Integrate an album from the Media Gallery as a tab into the resource manager.
Edit Downloads AndyB
Allows editing Download totals in Resource Manager.
[cXF] Sidebar Extension for XenForo Resource Manager BassMan
Enhance your default XenForo Resource Manager sidebar with many features.
[XFA] RM Donations XFA
[XFA] RM Donations 3.1.0 €2.00
Gently ask your users for a paypal or bitcoin donation when they click to download a free resource.
Resource Manager Default Icons Sadik B
Add default icons to your resources
[XFA] RM Featured Resources (RM sidebar block) XFA
Add a block in the RM sidebar to display featured resources
Allow the resource delete post to be customised at delete time...
Resource View Count - Allan
This add-on allows you to display a counter of the number to views of the resources
[XFA] Exclude Subcategory resources from list XFA
Exclude subcategories resources from being displayed in category resource list.
Convert Image Resource AndyB
Converts hot linked images in Resource Manager into attachments.
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