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[DFE] Resource Gallery 1.0.2

Integrate an album from the Media Gallery as a tab into the resource manager.

  1. Scharesoft
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    Resource Manager
    Media Gallery
    MIT License
    [DFE] Resource Gallery

    Some time ago I had the idea to connect the Resource Manager with the Media Gallery and so I started a suggestion here in the forum. Since this feature was not implemented, I have now done it myself.

    With this addon you are now able to assign an album to a resource. The album appears as an own tab in the navigation of the resource.

    • Integrate an album from the Media Gallery as a tab into the resource manager
    • Sort and filter the images as in the Media Gallery
    • Add an album id to a resource while creating or editing the resource
    • Show all images from the album in a lightbox on the media tab of the resource
    • See all information of a media item like in the album view of the Media Gallery
    • Upload media button in the media tab for each member with the permission to upload into the selected album
    • Moderation functions in the media tab
    • Translations: German, French


    Finally, many thanks to @katsulynx for his great support!

    DFE ResourceGallery - Overview.jpg DFE ResourceGallery - Album with pages.jpg DFE ResourceGallery - Lightbox.jpg DFE ResourceGallery - Field for adding album.jpg DFE ResourceGallery - Filter for embeds.jpg DFE ResourceGallery - All tabs.jpg
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