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  1. biz969

    The panel over the Forums and Resources

    Hello everyone, I saw a website and I really want to know how to add this panel ( in the yellow area )above both Forums and Resources, maybe it using some add-ons Thanks advance.
  2. CStrategies

    XF 2.1 Capturing "Reject with Reason" for resources in approval queue

    I am building an add-on to enable the same "Reject with Reason" approval controls found when a user registrations shows up in the moderator approval queue, but do it for resources posted with the XenForo Resource Manager which by default only gives the option to "approve" or "delete". The...
  3. Kruzya

    Fixed Can't reassign resource if it not approved

    If resource is not approved by moderators, it can't be reassigned to another user, because "the new owner must be able to view this resource": All resource categories is visible for all users include guests.
  4. M

    Who can help me with payment paypal to resource.

    What do I need to do or add to be able to allow players to post a resource and put their paypal. EXEMPLE:
  5. ritesh

    XF 2.2 Question About Xenforo Article Style Threads

    I mentioned in my pre-sales thread that I am buying Xenforo for blogging and building a community as well. I thought Resource Manager adds article style thread option to Xenforo. After using a clean install of Xenforo, I realized that Xenforo supports article-style threads out of the box...
  6. Kruzya

    Fixed Reassign resource don't removes new owner from team

    One of users on my forum founded a very funny bug. Suggest we have three members: A, B and C. A and B are members, C - moderator. C reassigns resource X from A to B. B adds A to resource X team. C reassigns resource X from B to A. This causes effect when we can see same user in author and team...
  7. F

    Update/edit own resources - separate permissions

    Hi, related to this thread I would like to suggest: A way to split the permissions to update and edit an own resource separately. I would like to allow certain resource owners to update their resources only, but not edit...
  8. F

    RM 2.2 Update/edit own resources

    Hi, I didn't find a similar question so far. Is there a way to split the permissions to update and edit an own resource? I would like to allow certain resource owners to update their resources only, but not edit them. Currently it's a combined permission: "Update/edit own resources" Thank you...
  9. HenrikHansen

    XF 2.2 Menu items sub categories resources

    In the menu I have inserted some menu items for caegories in the RM, and it works fine, but when clicked, they are not highlighted, instead "resources" are highlighted, which confuses the users, see fx here Any good ideas to solve this?
  10. Kevin

    Allow FA icons for RM resources instead of just images

    When creating an XF add-on it's pretty easy to use a FA icon for the add-on's listing in the XF ACP; an actual image file can be used as well. When adding an entry to the RM though the only option is to use an actual image file. It'd be nice if we could specify to use a FA icon for the RM...
  11. Kruzya

    Search nodes (categories)

    Something like search forums (introduced in XF 2.2), but for resource categories. This can be helpful, if you have a category for plugins and you want create "subcategories" for plugin types ("Administration", "Fun", "UI" and etc) with "auto-filling" by tags (for example).
  12. D

    Add-on eCommerce Integration with XenForo Resource Manager

    Hello, I'm currently in search for an integration with the Resource Manager that allows for people to pay using PayPal or generally a payment method, and then getting access to the given resource. I saw RM Marketplace but it appears not to be updated for XenForo 2.2 and I'm looking for...
  13. J

    Russian Language for XenForo Resource Manager 2.2.3 Rev.2

    Full Russian Language for XenForo Resource Manager Detailed description in the file README.txt
  14. TickTackk

    Resource Manager Stats Widget 1.0.0

    Resource Manager Stats Widget for XenForo Description This add-on allows showing resource manager statistics in a widget. Requirements PHP 7.3+ XenForo Resource Manager 2.1.0+ Widget Definitions DefinitionDescription Resource manager statistics (tck_xfrm_stats)Displays a block...
  15. Kruzya

    Duplicate Edit history for resource description

    As said in title. Currently, resource description doesn't have any edit history (also applicable for "Updates").
  16. IgorG

    XF 2.1 Correct upgrade sequence

    I have Xenforo 1.5.24 with XenForo Resource Manager and Xenforo Enhanced Search plugins installed (versions for XenForo 1.5.x). Now I have to upgrade my forum to XenForo 2.1.x with corresponding versions of the same plugins with saving all data. If I start the upgrade XenForo first, will it not...
  17. J

    Unmaintained [JUM] Resource Download Limit 2.0.0

    The plugin will limit the number of resources that a user can download in one day. The limit is reset at midnight. If a certain category allows guests to download, do not forget to give the right to a group of guests in this section to ignore the download limit. You can enable the display of...
  18. T

    XF 2.1 Multiple RM Copies In The Same Installation

    Hello Xenforo Team, I want to run three copies of RM in the same installation. Do I need to purchase the RM Add-on three times? Just want to confirm if that is possible to do. If yes, how do I make the payment.
  19. XFA

    XFRM Update Announcement Thread 1.2.0

    Requirements XenForo > 2.1 Description Create new announcement's thread in specific forum when resource is updated or created You can define options for each resources category Features Multiple global options Enable annoucement thread Resource creation options Destination forum Thread...
  20. S

    Unmaintained WBB - XFRM Info Notice 1.0

    This add-ons is used to show notification within the XenForo resource manager. You can display at three different locations. 1-Resource Home 2-Resource Category Page 3-Resource View Features: Usergroup Permissions Turn on and off each notification individually Select body animation Select...
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