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resource manager

  1. XFA

    RM Download Tracker 2.0.0

    Requirements XenForo 2.0.0+ Description: With this addon, user with the permissions can view which users have downloaded a given resource through an additional tab in the resource view as well as view the resources a given user has downloaded through his profile. For each download, the...
  2. au lait

    [xenMade.com] Watermark (STWM2) 1.1.0

    If you like this add-on, rate it. This helps others to make decisions. If you have any ideas or suggestions don't hesitate and write to me. DEMO General Original images are not changed Performance optimized (caching system) Available for Post, Conversation, Resource Manager, Media Gallery and...
  3. P

    Add-on [Request] Paypal Shop which triggers PM

    Hey guys! I am in search of a quote to have an addon like this made. I would like to also hire someone who would be able to make this for me. How it works: Basically, I would like to have a few features integrated into resource manager, however, instead of needing to upload a file or provide...
  4. BassMan

    [cXF] Slovenian translation for Resource Manager / Slovenski prevod za Resource Manager v2

    Slovenian translation for XenForo Resource Manager Front-end (user interface) is fully translated. Some phrases may be translated for our needs, but you can edit it yourself. If you still find some untranslated or strange translated phrase, please post your suggestions. Back-end (admin panel)...
  5. V

    XF 1.5 How to display a different logo on different tabs

    I'd like to display a different header logo when viewing the Resource Manager, also different logo when browsing Media Gallery, and Page Nodes. I appreciate any help :)
  6. EthanTG

    Add resource page editors!

    I'm new so idk what this is really all about but here's my suggestion: (From the Spigot forums) So if a developer is too busy to work on the resource page or maybe he's taking a vacation and forgot to edit it or for tons of other reasons why the developer needed a contributor to edit the page...
  7. Dadparvar

    [HA] Featured Resources Layouts 1.1.0

    Hi, Featured Resources on top of the main page of resources (XFRM) need some improvements. It can be better if it becomes a slider too, in cases where there are more than 3 featured resources. With this add-on you can have the featured resources in a different way. General Features: Options...
  8. a.tushkanov

    Won't fix Rate This Resource

    Rate window opens by clicking on a star you choose to rate (5 f.e.). Then close this window by Esc and open by clicking on a 3 stars — you'll still see 5 star inside.
  9. djbaxter

    RM 1.1 Charge a fee to list a resource in the RM?

    RM 1.1.4 We want to charge people a fee to submit a resource (or on approval of the submission) to the resource manager. Can we do this using the XF RM? Or does this require an add-on? If it does, can you point me to the add-on?
  10. Scharesoft

    German translation of [DFE] Resource Gallery 1.0.2

    German language pack for [DFE] Resource Gallery This is a German translation of my Resource Gallery addon. The translation is for German [Du].
  11. Scharesoft

    [DFE] Resource Gallery 1.0.2

    [DFE] Resource Gallery Some time ago I had the idea to connect the Resource Manager with the Media Gallery and so I started a suggestion here in the forum. Since this feature was not implemented, I have now done it myself. With this addon you are now able to assign an album to a resource. The...
  12. T

    XF 1.5 Transfer Resource Manager Data From One Installation to Another

    Hello, We are revamping our forum and need to move the current resource manage data to the new install. All other data from the forum works fine but the resource manager and competition add-on are empty. We have not been able to work this out as we have many records on the site for both of...
  13. S

    Other Who wants an importscript to import Reviewpost?

    Hi I use on some of my forums reviewpost (www.photopost.com) Reviewpost is not supported anymore and there will be obviously neither a new version of it. It will be soon incompatible with the newer versions of PHP. I want to have an importscript of Reviewpost into either Showcase or...
  14. BassMan

    Licensing option and cart

    It would be great to have a licensing option and some kind of cart in resource manager, so users can add more resources to buy or download at once.
  15. XFA

    [XFA] RM Featured Resources (RM sidebar block) 1.0.0

    Description RM Featured Resources adds a block to the RM sidebar that displays X featured products, in addition to the one already displayable above the resources list. Features Options : Featured Resources Count Install/Uninstall instructions The readme is available HERE.
  16. Freelancer

    Lack of interest Category Widget Block being consistent with XFMG widget block

    Would really appreciate to see the RM Category Widget Block be consistent with the XFMG category widget block – which is in my eyes the reference point for all XF category displays in usability and simplicity. Everything else is either overboard or does not do the job.
  17. Melvin Garcia

    Unmaintained Spanish Translation for the Resource Manager 1.2.2

    This is the official translation into Spanish of the resource manager's part of the XenForo Hispano team. Is possible that untranslated phrases but even is this debugging the translation and can be has escaped us any other phrase.
  18. ekine

    Bitcoin is now mainstream - Add Bitcoin as a payment option

    It would be great if the digital currency "Bitcoin" would be added as a form of payment. This would eliminate the problem of chargebacks. Here are some solutions: 1. Bips 2. Bitpay 3. Bitmonet There are already wordpress plugins which lets you monetize digital content.
  19. erich37

    Lack of interest RM / make width of left Sidebar bigger

    please make the width of the "left Sidebar" in the RM bigger. This would give a bit more space and would not look that cramped together. It should be the same width as the Sidebar-width in the Forum: 250px currently: .resourceListSidebar { float: left; width: 220px; } new...
  20. Allan

    Unmaintained Resources on ForumHome - ThemesCorp.com 1.0.1

    This add-on allows you to create a block to display the RM resources! This add-on lets you view a block that displays different columns based on specific criteria. (categories, most popular resources, top resource etc ..), Look bottom ;) Features: Usergroup Pemission Fully responsive Display...