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ElasticSearch Essentials [Paid] 2.3.2

Additional functionality for forums running XenForo Enhanced Search (ElasticSearch).

  1. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    Daniel Hood submitted a new resource:

    ElasticSearch Essentials - Additional functionality for forums running XenForo Enhanced Search (ElasticSearch).

    Read more about this resource...

    Thanks to @MattW for helping set up ElasticSearch on my server along with beta testing. Thanks to @Kevin and @empire for testing and giving valuable feedback.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2015
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  2. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member

    Great to see this released! :cool: I just updated to the release version, no problems.
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  3. TheBigK

    TheBigK Well-Known Member

    Does this work with UI.X from Audentio?
  4. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    I don't see any reason that it wouldn't. That said, I'm not sure if it's been tested. If you end up purchasing it and it doesn't work with it, I will be happy to fix the template modification.
  5. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member

    With the current version the template changes are pretty light. The two templates it modifies is "search_results" and "search_bar" so if UI.X modifies either of those the somebody would just need to let Daniel know what the changes are (maybe @Mike Creuzer can give insight into whether those templates are modified in UI.X).

    Both of the template edits are really small though so I can't envision there being any issues.
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  6. Mike Creuzer

    Mike Creuzer Well-Known Member

    Thanks for being so specific about which template, was able to check and no we do not edit that template at all. And if we did we pay attention to changing areas that are likely to be used by modifications. So yes should work fine.
  7. janowitz

    janowitz Member

  8. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    Possibly but it's not on my short term priority list.
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  9. n0mDePlume

    n0mDePlume Member

    How does this affect the load and index size? For a 10+ million post board...
  10. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    It duplicates the title field on your thread. Shouldn't be much of an impact.
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  11. TheComputerGuy

    TheComputerGuy Active Member

    I've purchased this addon, I'm excited to see how it gets developed.
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  12. n0mDePlume

    n0mDePlume Member

    Next question, what does the likelihood field actually do? Why would admins configure it?
  13. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    It basically means that even if a word is real, they still may have made a mistake. For example the 0.95 represents a 5% chance that by typing something like "flour" you really meant "floor".

    I made it an option to let people easily adjust it to see the kind of results they get.


    To everyone using the add-on, I really wouldn't mind getting some feedback on how it works or just general opinions of the add on :)
  14. Kevin

    Kevin Well-Known Member

    So far responses have been positive for the 'search as you type' functionality.


    Not too much feedback on the alternate suggestions in the search results yet though I did post a thread about it.
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  15. Sunka

    Sunka Well-Known Member

    One thing that it could be annoying - Search Bar Auto Complete default first suggestion is selected when you write letters in search.
    I used to type word for searcing and press automatically enter, my members too, and because first suggestion is selected by default, enter dooes not submit search query but select suggested word.

    It will be far better if Search Bar Auto Complete suggestions are not selected by default, so user have to click on it or press up/down on keyboard.

    Also, if I changed some of options in admin.php?options/list/xm_elasticess, do I have to rebuild index again or not?
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  16. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member


    Good suggestion. I'll have to see how feasible it is though since I'm using the same Javascript as XenForos other autocomplete features (users, tags, etc)
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  17. Sunka

    Sunka Well-Known Member

    Never get to show up on my site (option is set to default one - 0.95 )
  18. Daniel Hood

    Daniel Hood Well-Known Member

    Basically the search engine has to recognize a word as potentially being another word. Then the word has to be more popular in your index than the one searched to be considered a suggestion.

    For example, if we talk about flour a lot on my forum and never ever once said the word floor, searching floor will suggest flour. However searching flour will assume it's correct. The thing with the suggestions is it uses your indexed documents to determine suggestions. This helps keep the results relevant.

    If I recall though, your forum is in another language. In theory, it should work fine but I only tested in English and I've only seen it in action in English so it's difficult to be certain that it'll work in other languages.
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  19. HWS

    HWS Well-Known Member

    If it works like you described, it should work in foreign languages too.
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  20. 0ptima

    0ptima Well-Known Member

    Does the addon consume additional elasticSearch or server resources?

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