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Wutime submitted a new resource:

Reply No Quote - Allow users to reply without immediately quoting post text

For the price of a latte 🙂

This add-on adds a new “Reply” button and replaces the old reply button with “Reply with Quote”.

If you’d like to offer users the ability to reply to posts without forcing them to quote, this is the add-on you’re looking for.

This was a useful solution for our forum where many users have difficulty scrolling through unnecessarily long posts that contain lots of quoted text.

This add-on aims to reduce the amount of unnecessary quoted text within threads...

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Also make sure This add-on compatible with this addon. Addon title should be Reply without Quote or suitable title for better understanding?
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@Wutime Excellent development improvement update. One more huge request, Please can you add option Hide Quote/Reply In First And Last Posts? So we can uninstall 2 add-on after installed your add-on. So this all Quote releted functional in one add-on and there no compatible issue with other add-on.
  • Remove Quote/Reply In First Posts
  • Remove Quote/Reply In Last Posts


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Wutime updated Advanced Quote/Reply Essentials with a new update entry:

v1.0.0 Full Release *Many Improvements*

  • Complete rewrite
    • Broader support for themes
    • Full regex template modifiers
  • Ability to Reply without Quote
    • Ability to change to @Mention
  • Ability to independtly "hide" or "show" all buttons as follows:
    • First Post
    • Last Post
    • First and Last Post
    • Hide Completely
  • Full text styling for "Default Reply" and the new "No Quote Reply" (Or @Mention)
  • Fully translatable
Big thanks to @zastavra...

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Please add options to enable/disable this addon totally (in addon options), like you have it in your other addons.
Thank you


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@Wutime Excellent developer. Any functionality request then He is instantly implemented, as well improvement. What does newly added function about Made @mention append to the editor text instead of replacing the editor text?


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Designates whether clicking "Reply/Mention" will clear the "quick reply box" of all text before making a Reply or Mention, or whether it "appends" to existing text in the "quick reply box". The default reply link in Xenforo always "appends".

The quick reply box can be found at the bottom of this page: