Advanced Quote/Reply Essentials

Advanced Quote/Reply Essentials v1.2.0

No permission to buy ($5.00)
  • Added option for "New Post Quick Reply Box Action"
    • "Append" to quick reply message text
    • "Clear" quick reply message text
  • Bug fix for issue with "FocusView" (removed)
  • Added the ability to globally disable/enable the add-on
  • Made @mention append to the editor text instead of replacing the editor text
  • Complete code rewrite
    • Broader support for themes
    • Full regex template modifiers
  • Ability to Reply without Quote
    • Ability to change to @Mention
  • Ability to independently "hide" or "show" all buttons as follows:
    • First Post
    • Last Post
    • First and Last Post
    • Hide Completely
  • Full text styling for "Default Reply" and the new "No Quote Reply" (Or @Mention)
  • Fully translatable
Big thanks to @zastavra and @Nirjonadda for their impeccable suggestions
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  • Added options:
    • Ability to show username on "Reply to Username" instead of just "Reply with Quote"
    • Ability to completely remove the "Reply with Quote" (or User) link completely
    • Ability to completely remove all Reply buttons from individual posts
  • Removed unneeded <a name="editor"></a> anchor (no longer required)
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