ElasticSearch Essentials

Unmaintained ElasticSearch Essentials 2.4.13

No permission to buy ($30.00)
  • Option to log optimize index errors (for ElasticSearch troubleshooting)
  • Compatibility fix for optimizeMapping function
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  • Compatibility bugfix - prevent Undefined index on checking if ElasticSearch type mappings are optimized when using ElasticSearch's single type index
  • Compatibility bugfix - prevent Undefined index on checking if ElasticSearch type mappings are optimized
  • Fix post area tab showing up instead of another add-ons expected member view tab when a user has zero posts.
  • Disable in-line editing for cached Similar Thread results
  • Allow search query logging to work outside of debug mode
  • Do not apply non-matching weighted content filters
  • Do not silently drop results with identical titles for auto-complete and similar search (on create)
  • Fix similar threads (on viewing a thread) caching not returning results as expected
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  • Compatibility fix when "Similar Threads" or "Similar Threads Plus" add-ons are installed.
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  • Fix installer confusing the add-on version for the ElasticSearch version when adding default permissions
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  • ElasticSearch +6 Single index changes
    • May require more testing & fixes. Please open a ticket on https://atelieraphelion.com, be aware Elasitic Search 6 does not yet have a stable release, so Elasitic Search 6 support could randomly break.
  • Support XF2 "hidden" content Elasticsearch schema
    • Requires re-indexing content. Sorry.
  • Search Auto-complete is now forum aware.
    • Global per-usergroup permission for usage
    • Per-forum options on what results to return
  • New Similar threads function (on view or on create).
    • Per-forum permissions on usage.
    • Per-forum options on what results to return
  • Similar thread on thread create, shows drop-down from title for similar threads like the auto-complete.
  • Similar thread on thread view, permissions, with caching and distinct options form auto-complete/similar threads
    • Note; 1 SQL query per page is still required to fetch per-user thread data (permissions, read tracking, etc)
  • "Post Areas" - Show which forums a user most posts in.
    • Option to exclude forum from being counted.
    • Respects forum visibility for visitor
  • Bulk CLI indexer (requires pcntl_fork)
    • Allows multi-threaded indexing via a linux commandline of threads/posts/conversation/conversation messages.
    • See Bulk-indexer-Readme.md in attached ZIP
  • Fix "Undefined index: hasOptimizable" with other add-ons which extend Enhanced Search.
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