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Install or upgrade?#

If you are not yet running XenForo and want to deploy the self-hosted software to your server, you need to install it.

Alternatively, if you are already running XenForo but you want to update the software to a newer version, you need to upgrade.


Please ensure that your server meets XenForo's requirements.

Detailed instructions#

A detailed description of each process is provided here:

The basic steps#

Installing and upgrading XenForo follow very similar processes, but it is important that you choose the correct system for your needs. At a very basic level, the general process is:

  1. Download XenForo and extract the files locally.
  2. Upload the contents of the upload directory within the extracted files to your server.
  3. Point your browser to the install/upgrade system and follow the on-screen instructions.

Get support#

If you have any problems or questions with this, please submit a support ticket and we will help you through the process.

Have XenForo staff do it for you#

If you would prefer to have XenForo staff perform your installation or upgrade for you, this service can be purchased either at the same time as purchasing the software, or via the XenForo customer account area at any time after you have made your software purchase.

XenForo Cloud#

Customers of XenForo Cloud do not need to concern themselves with manual installation or upgrades, the system is entirely automated.