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User title ladder

User title ladder#

The user title ladder allows you to define a progression for the title that is displayed below a user's name in their posts, on their profile and in various other locations. You may select whether the ladder is based on the number of messages the user has posted, likes they've received, or trophy points they've been awarded. As these values increase, they will receive a different title from the ladder.


The user title ladder is only used if a user does not have a custom user title specified in the profile or in their display styling user group. Those will take priority if specified.

When a user's title comes from the ladder, their title will be the highest value on the ladder that's below their value for the selected field. For example, if you have entered titles for 0, 50, and 100 messages and and the user has posted 80 messages, they would receive the 50 messages title.

To ensure that all users receive a title, we recommend that you specify a title with a minimum value of 0, however this is not required.