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Example birthday promotion#

Birthday user group#

  1. Create a new user group called Birthday today at Groups & permissions > User groups > Add user group.
  2. Set its Display styling priority to a very high number so that it overrides styling from any other user groups to which its members belong.
  3. Set the User banner text to It's my birthday today! and choose a User banner style you like.
  4. Save the user group without editing any of its permissions.

Birthday promotion#

  1. Create a new user group promotion called Birthday promotion. at Groups and permissions > User group promotions > Add promotion.
  2. Use the checkboxes to Add user to user groups Birthday today.
  3. Select the Apply this promotion while... tab and check the box for User's birthday is today.
  4. Save the user group promotion.

The next time the User group promotions cron job runs, any users whose birthday is today will be added to the Birthday today group and will have It's my birthday today as a banner added underneath their name in any messages they have posted.