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Username changes#

If a registered user belongs to a user group with the Change username permission, they will be permitted to change the username with which they log in.


This username is also the primary means by which other users can identify that user, so username changes are logged. This log also has the purpose of being able to show a formerly known as...' hint against the user's new name.


A variety of options are available at Setup > Options > User options.

Require reason for username changes#

Users will be required to describe why they want to change their name. Staff may then decide whether or not to approve the change.

Minimum time between username changes#

To restrict spurious username changes, this field allows you to define a minimum number of days that must elapse between username change requests.

Username reuse time limit#

It is usually undesirable for a user to change their username to one that has been recently vacated by another user, as this could cause confusion and misidentification among your members. Use this field to provide a number of days that must elapse after a user changes their username before another user may adopt their old name.

Username change recent limit#

This setting allows you to define how old a username change must be before it is no longer considered recent. While a change is recent, their new username will be accompanied by a hint that allows users to view their previous username.