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Suggestions are one of XenForo's forum and thread types.

Suggestion threads#

Suggestion threads are useful when you want to solicit feedback from your community in a structured fashion.

The first post of a suggestion thread is considered to be the suggestion, and controls are available to allow users with appropriate permissions to vote the suggestion up or down depending upon how they feel about it.

The vote score for a suggestion will determine its position within its parent forum, with suggestions having a higher vote score appearing further up the list than those with a lower vote score.


Suggestion threads may only be posted within dedicated suggestion forums, as the behaviour of the suggestion forum in ordering the contained suggestions is crucial to the functionality of the suggestion thread type.

Suggestion forums#

As described above, suggestion forums are the only forum type that may contain suggestions threads. The vote score for each suggestion is displayed prominently in the thread listing.

Suggestion threads are shown ordered with those having a higher vote score before those with a lower score.

Filter controls are available to allow the list of threads to quickly be filtered down to popular or new solutions, along with options to show only the visitor's own suggestions or vote.