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Banning users

Banning users#

As a final resort for most disciplinary situations, you can temporarily or permanently ban a user from your site. A banned user will receive an error message on each page of your XenForo forum, indicating that they are banned and, if relevant, details about when the ban will be lifted and the reason for the ban.

Ban controls are found at Users > User discipline.


Banned users are not included in the member count and do not show in the member list or search. In addition, the profile pages of banned users are only accessible by Administrators.

By default there is no outward indication that a member has been banned. If desired, a user group can be created specifically for this purpose, with the appropriate display styling priority set to ensure it overrides any other groups the user is a member of. To enable this, define the group and configure the Add user group on ban option as needed.

Restoring banned users#

Moderators can also ban and unban users if they are given the Ban users permission.

Banning by IP address#

Alternatively, specific IP ranges can be banned. Banned IPs will not be able to access any page of your XenForo forum.