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Thread prompts

Thread prompts#

Thread prompts allow you to control the specific placeholder used when creating a thread in a particular forum. This can be used to encourage users to post a thread or to lightly direct them towards posting a specific sort of thread. For example, if you're looking for feedback, you could use prompts like "How can we improve?" or "Let us know what you think of our product".

Thread prompts can be setup in the control panel under Forums > Thread prompts.

If the user is viewing the list of threads in the forum, the prompt will be displayed in the "quick thread" input at the top of the thread list; if the user is on the full thread creation form, this will be displayed within the thread title input when it is empty.

If multiple prompts have been assigned to a forum, the displayed one will be randomly chosen. If no prompts are available for a forum, the default thread prompt value will be used.