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API keys#

Versions of XenForo from 2.1 and onwards have a REST API available.

This allows external systems and applications that are not running directly through XenForo to access data from your forum.

Key management#

In order to work with the API, these external API clients must possess a suitable API key, which grants permission to access the necessary data.

API keys can be created and managed in the Admin Control Panel at Setup > Service providers > API keys.

It is a good idea to create a separate key for every separate client of the API, so that each one received precisely the permissions it requires and nothing more, and so that you can revoke access for one client without affecting others.

Full documentation#

A full description of how API key types and how to work with them is available in the XenForo developer documentation.

API endpoints#

The API features a number of endpoints and actions that can be taken. Additional endpoints and data may be added in the future.

View the API endpoint documentation