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Content voting

Content voting#

Some content types allow content voting, whereby users may cast an up or down vote for the content.

Users with appropriate permissions may cast a vote, voting it up if they consider it to be 'good' or down if it is 'bad'. Of course, the definition of 'good' or 'bad' depends upon the context and the purpose for which voting has been enabled.

Cancelling a vote#

Votes may be cancelled by clicking on the voting controls for a second time.

Vote score#

These votes contribute to the vote score for the content, which is calculated by subtracting any down-votes from its up-votes, ie: an item with ten up-votes and two down-votes will have a vote score of eight. Each content item's vote score is displayed along with its voting controls.

In conjunction with...#

Some content types attribute specific meaning to votes cast against them. Those include answer posts in question threads, where the quality of answers can be voted up and down, and votes against suggestions, where the votes are used to indicate the popularity of or support for the suggestion.