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Moving threads

Thread type tools#

Additional attention must be paid to threads when operations are performed upon them that would move them from one forum to another.

For example, moving a discussion thread into a suggestion forum (which can contain only suggestion threads) will automatically convert the thread type from discussion to suggestion, and moving a suggestion thread into a discussion forum will convert it to a plain discussion, which will cause all votes cast for that suggestion to be lost.


Moving a discussion, article or question thread out of a dedicated discussion, article or question forum into a mixed-type forum will allow the thread type to remain, though of course it will lose the forum-specific behaviours it had when it belonged to a type-specific forum.

Suggestion threads may only be moved into suggestion forums if the special properties of suggestion threads are to be retained.


These notes for moving threads also apply to other operations that may effectively move threads from one forum to another, such as merging, copying and spam cleaning.