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What are user upgrades?

User upgrades#

User upgrades are one of the monetization options included in XenForo. This system allows your users to purchase increased access or access to additional features on your forum.

When a user purchases an upgrade, they will be added to one or more user groups. You would configure these groups to have additional permissions or provide access to additional areas of the forum.

Any content or feature, access to which can be controlled through permissions, can be attached to a user upgrade.

To setup a user upgrade, you must first setup a payment profile via Setup > Payment profiles. These profiles define how the payment will be processed and received. Once a payment profile is defined, the user upgrade can be configured, including options surrounding cost, duration, and whether the upgrade is automatically extended.

Users can purchase upgrades from the Account upgrades page listed under the account menu.


The following are provided solely as examples of functionality available in XenForo, rather than suggestions.

The manner in which you may or may not charge your users for access to the features and content of your forums will depend entirely upon the subject matter and user base of your own forum.