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Batch updates

Thread batch updates#

At times, you may need to take the same action against a large number of threads. For example, you may want to move a large number of threads to a different forum or delete all the threads started by a user. To do this quickly, you can use the Forums > Batch update threads system.

When entering this system, you must first identify the criteria for the threads you want to take action against. If you want to filter these threads manually, on the next screen, click "view or filter matches". Once you've selected the threads you want, click "batch update".

Once you have only the threads you want selected, you can choose what action you want to take. This includes moving the threads, setting a prefix, and deleting the threads. When you have the action(s) that you want selected, click the appropriate button and the changes will be applied immediately. Depending on how many threads you're updating and the action taken, this may take some time to execute.


"Delete threads" refers to hard deleting the matched threads and removing them from the database. This cannot be undone!