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Attachments are files that have been uploaded along with users' posts etc. They are frequently images, but can also be text files etc.


You can define exactly what kind of files can be uploaded as attachments using the Allowed attachment file extensions option in the main XenForo options system.

Attachment manager#

The attachment manager within the Content section of your admin control panel allows you to review and manage the attachments that have been uploaded to your forum. There are simple controls to switch between the most recent and the largest attachments, and further controls to allow you to filter these results down to specific file types, owner names and dates.

Once you have found the attachment for which you are looking, you can choose to view it right there in the manager, to view it in the context of its host content (the user post in which it was attached) or to delete it.

You may also delete multiple attachments at the same time by selecting the checkbox next to each attachment in the manager, and then using the Delete control at the bottom of the list.

Be careful, because once attachments have been deleted, they cannot be recovered, and their host content may no longer make sense without the attached file.

More settings for controlling how users may attach files can be found in the Attachments section of the main XenForo options system.