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Purchasable profile banners#

User profile banners are images your users may upload to use as a custom background for their public user profile page.

In this example, we will remove this ability from normal users and put the feature behind a paywall, allowing paying users to distinguish themselves from those who have not contributed.

Restricting access#

  1. Edit the permissions for the Registered user group at Groups & permissions > User groups > Registered.
  2. In the permission matrix, set the Upload a profile banner permission to No.
  3. Save the permissions.

Now, nobody will have access to upload profile banners.

Granting access#

  1. Create a new user group using Groups and permissions > User groups > Add user group.
  2. Give the group the title Has profile banners.
  3. In the permission matrix, set the Upload a profile banner permission to Yes.
  4. Save the user group.

Allowing access to be purchased#

  1. Create a payment profile using one of the available services, if you have not already done so.
  2. Add a new User upgrade at Users > User customization > User upgrades > Add user upgrade.
  3. Call the new upgrade Profile banners using the Title field.
  4. Optionally add a description.
  5. Set a cost and a currency for your subscription.
  6. Leave the Length as Permanent.
  7. Select the payment profile(s) you want to use for this subscription.
  8. Select the Has profile banners group under Additional user groups.
  9. Save the upgrade configuration.

Now, users will be able to purchase the Profile banners subscription from their Account upgrades page.

When payment is received, the system will automatically add their membership to the Has profile banners user group, which permanently grants permission to upload profile banners.