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Discussions are one of XenForo's forum and thread types.

Discussion threads#

This is the default, traditional thread type, used for general, unstructured conversation.

Discussion threads are generally shown with the original post first, and subsequent replies are shown sequentially afterwards. If a forum is set to display 20 posts per page, the second page of the thread will show the 21st post at the top.

Discussion threads may reside in a dedicated discussion forum, or a mixed-type forum that allows discussion threads.

Poll threads#

Polls are a special type of discussion thread that also contain a poll - a multiple-choice question posed by the thread creator upon which other users may vote to express their choice.

Discussion forums#

A discussion forum is the standard forum type. It acts as a container for discussion threads and will generally show threads ordered by the date of their last reply, with the most recent shown first.

By default, discussion forums contain discussion threads and poll threads.

Filters are available to narrow down the list of threads shown, such as to show only those threads that have received no responses, or those within a particular date range, etc.

Mixed type forums#

A mixed type forum is essentially a regular discussion forum that can also host other thread types. Support for article and question thread types may be added to discussion forums, which turns them into mixed-type forums.

To create a mixed-type forum, create or edit a regular discussion forum in the Admin control panel through the Node editor, and check the thread types you want to allow in the Allowed thread types section.

Some thread types may not be contained in a mixed-type forum at all, suggestions being one of those types.