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Creating a Facebook application#

Before you configure your XenForo installation, follow the steps below to create a custom application for your site. A Facebook account is required to create an application.

  1. Browse to and be sure that you're logged into your Facebook account. Note that you must be logged in as a person, not a page.
  2. Click the My Apps button at the top and then click on the Add a New App link.
  3. Provide a name and email and then click Create App ID.
  4. Next you should see a page called Add Product; if you do not, click the Plus Icon on the left next to the Products Heading. Under Facebook Login, click Setup.
  5. You will then need to choose the platform. Click Web and enter the URL to your site. Click *Next through all of the steps.
  6. In the sidebar on the left, click Settings under Facebook Login.
  7. In Valid OAuth redirect URIs, enter <XF board URL>/connected_account.php. For example, The beginning of this URL must match your Board URL setting in XenForo exactly. The Board URL Requires HTTPS. Once entered, click Save Changes at the bottom.
  8. In the sidebar on the left, click Settings followed by Basic. For the Privacy Policy URL and the Terms of Service URL enter the links to those pages on your site.
  9. In the sidebar on the left, click App Review. If the app is listed as in development, click the toggle next to it to make it live/public.
  10. Go back to the sidebar on the left and click Settings followed by Basic near the top. Make a note of the App ID and App Secret. These values will need to be entered into the XenForo control panel.

Configuring Facebook connected account#

To finalize the Facebook connected account, you must enter the data obtained above into the relevant section of the XenForo control panel.

  1. Log in to the Admin Control Panel.
  2. Go to Setup > Connected accounts.
  3. Click on Facebook in the list. Enter the App ID and App secret obtained earlier into the respective fields and save.
  4. Test the connected account