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Questions are one of XenForo's forum and thread types.

Question threads#

When a thread author is seeking an answer to a specific question they may post a question thread. The first post is the question, and will be displayed at the top of each page of the thread above all other replies.

Replies to the thread are considered to be answers to the question, any of which may be a possible solution.

Users with permission to vote on threads and posts may cast a vote on each answer, which may help other users to determine which answer should be the solution.


Question threads are considered to be unsolved until one answer is selected as the solution. This can be done either by the thread author, if they have permission to do so, otherwise a solution may be selected by a forum moderator or administrator.

After a solution has been selected, the post selected as the solution will be displayed at the top of each page along with the question, and the thread will show as solved in its parent forum.

Question threads may exist within a dedicated question forum, or a mixed-type forum that allows question threads.

Question forums#

A question forum has a similar appearance to a discussion forum, but includes controls at the top of the thread listing to allow easy filtering of the questions.

Common filters include Unsolved questions, Your questions and Your answers.


Questions with a solution are shown with an icon to distinguish them from unsolved questions.