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XenForo includes a wide range of options to allow you to configure your forum to fit your needs.

Most of these options are straightforward, so they are not detailed here. Specific information about more complex options can be found below.

Additionally, some options may be available only when activating Advanced mode.

The options system#

The main XenForo options system can be found in the Setup section of the admin control panel, under Options.

Advanced options#

While the majority of XenForo's options are visible and editable at all times, there are some options that are kept behind the curtain of 'advanced mode' in order to prevent accidental editing of important settings, and to keep page clutter to a minimum and show only options that are commonly edited.

To access advanced options, either click the Show advanced options option in the footer of the gears menu in the header of the Admin control panel, or click the Show advanced options button on the main option groups listing page.