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XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration

XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration [Paid]

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@Jaxel Hey Jaxel.

The server roles from discord arn't syncing with the users on my forum (including my own account). Cron is running successfully, any idea where I should look to debug?

Connecting accounts successfully. (assosiation)
New threads/posts from forum work in Discord Channel.
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Roles arn't applying still. Bot is top, new role made at the very bottem, using a new discord account (no admin/owner rights).

To clarify, which is it:

Xenforo roles are applied to discord user groups.
Discord roles are applied to Xenforo user groups.

Or both ways?

I ask because I had expected the roles from Discord would match up the the user groups I had created on Xenforo. (Adding them to the user groups when Discord was synced).
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I'm having a similar problem. When I initially tested yesterday, roles would synch up almost immediately.

However, today all of the users who were previously synched, no longer have their synched roles, and users who I add roles to in XF do not get synched to roles in Discord.
"Did you try turning it off and on again?"

As part of installing the add-on, I did read the FAQ and set things up correctly, including having the bot at the top of role hierarchy. The synching worked as expected yesterday when initially set up and for all users who connected their Discord account last night. With no changes to any of the settings -- in the forum or Discord -- all users who had been previously granted a role yesterday no longer had the role today. I had another user associate their account after I discovered the issue, and not only did they not get bumped to the moderator role, they didn't even get the default role I set for registered members.

Initial thought was that the Discord server might not have been communicating, but connection tests were successful. Re-running the cron entry didn't resolve it, nor did disassociating and reassociating individuals with Discord. I was finally able to find a (sort-of) resolution by 'editing' users. I made no changes, just pulled up the user in AdminCP and hit Save, then within seconds, Discord showed them with the role they should have had. Did the same to one of the users who lost their role since last night, same result. Then I did a batch update to all 'Registered' users to add 'Registered' as a secondary permission group. All associated accounts were then synched.

Hoping this was a one-time issue, and if not, I hope this workaround at least helps someone else.

Even while accounts were not being synched, however, the server bot was posting threads and replies without interruption.


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Is there any chance you could make it so threads that require approval in forums does not get posted into discord please unless its approved first?
It already only posts threads which are marked as "visible".

@Jaxel Can you maybe add, that if the thread has a @ in the name, that the bot won't mention anyone?

Because we have the issue, that if someone f.e. makes a title with @everyone in it, that the bot will mention everyone.
Why don't you remove the bot's permission to @mention people?
I honestly have no idea how the upgrade process between XF1 versions and XF2 versions work.
Exactly the same as regular XF2 upgrades, except you need a new addition to the addon.json file.

The version ID must also be higher than the version ID from the XF1 version, then XF2 will run the upgrade steps.

"legacy_addon_id": "xf1_addon_id",

It already only posts threads which are marked as "visible".
Well threads that require approval are getting posted in Discord before anyone has approved it hence my post.

Also can you please add styling for the connected accounts for discord as seen in screenshot, it seems your are just using .button class.


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I just tested it on my own server... it does not post moderated message. You can see it right here:
if (!$this->position && $this->message_state == 'visible' &&
    ($this->isInsert() || $this->isChanged('message_state')))
And I'll say again... you need to stop asking questions related to your skin. This is not a skin support thread.