oman's XenForo Installation/Upgrade Services

Oman is the best person I have worked with! He is honest and quick. I requested an installation + styling +other tasks and the task was completed within a few hours!
He is also extremely honest. Upon doing such great work, I quickly requested more paid "ambitious" tasks , but he said some were out of his scope . This means that if he says he can do it - he can definitely deliver and will not try and trap you like other developers I have worked with.
Great quality work with great prices !

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Oman - As a newcomer to Xenforo, I can definitely say that Oman has shaped my great experience of this platform!
Thank you Oman!
Omman just finished up a project for us and was outstanding! We could not be happier, and I appreciate his knowledge and support along the way! We will be back, and I highly recommend Oman for great quality work at a great price! Thank you Oman!!
Oman does great work and is always quick in his replies. He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are satisfied. I will continue to use Oman to make sure my XenForo install is always working at its best. 5/5 stars. Would purchase services from again and recommend to a friend.
I have used oman several times, i just recently this week had him do another install for me.

He is a great provider to get xen setup from. I will use him again and recommend others use him also.
Oman has gone above and beyond for myself and my site. His qucik responses and turn around time is perfect. He has helped me with my site and I will definitely be using him on other sites as well as upgrades in the future. Thank you Oman.
Oman has helped me out for the past few days getting my website up and running, without him i wouldn't have had a clue where to start, he really is a star!

He's done my XenForo installation and put all the addons on for me, he was quick and efficient in doing this.

I cant thank you enough!
We have used Oman to help us with a new installation for Xenforo as well as installing add-ons and general consulting work to help us set up numerous items on our site. I am not a programmer by any stretch and parts of this endeavor were overwhelming to me as the lead administrator handing the set up of our new site. I can summarize my review of Oman in one sentence. Without him, it wouldn't have happened as timely as it did and with a lot more stress. Simply put, that is it. Oman was a god send. He helped in so many different ways. He was responsive, fantastic and easy to work with and I cannot imagine having done this without him. Highly recommend.
Oman is a lifesaver, i'm not tech savvy and am very new to XenForo so him taking charge of installing XenForo for me and guiding me throughout the process has saved me lots of hassle if I attempted it myself. Cannot recommend him enough and without doubt will be working with him again moving forward
Oman - the ultimate professional!

- Well priced !
- On time !
- Wealth of information !

If you are looking for any Xenforo work done then look no further than Oman. He is not about the money like others but is all about providing a professional service and a solution! All my Xenforo work will only ever go through Oman!

He is a good OMAN!