1. M

    Error- The site is currently being Upgraded

    I am facing this issue for the past 12 hours but it has not been fixed. I purchased the license. please help me to upgrade my site and give me the detailed solution of all problems and errors. Also, let me know how much time it will take to upgrade the version and where I can see the progress...
  2. R

    Account Upgrade Info 1.0.4

    Features Group upgrades for users and admin info above and below upgrades phrased phrases for upgrades itself no new tables, no new fields Demo: https://www.xencafe.com/account/upgrades The add-on allows you to display a heading and a text as phrases above and below the list of user...
  3. RG70Hz

    Upgrading XenForo license

    I bought a license back in 2013 version 1.2.9. If I purchase the extension will I get access to the newer xenforo? Is there an option to purchase a license for the newer xenforo? permanently ?
  4. CreationNation

    XF 1.5 Large forum & overdue upgrade from 1.5.4, questions

    I have a large forum (Discussions:1,259,891, Messages:10,076,273, Members:155,563) and I am looking to make the upgrade from 1.5.4 to latest. Back in the day I was usually one to upgrade to new versions as they came out. I remember being freaked when 2 was being released because of the change...
  5. O

    XF 1.5 Upgrade from XF 1 to 2. URL structure changes from bd reroute

    I'm thinking it's finally time to upgrade my XF 1.5 site to the last XF 2, but before I buy the upgrade I have a question. In the past I've been put off by the big changes this would cause to my URL structure and the knock-on effect on SEO. I'm currently using the [bd] reroute plugin (in XF1)...
  6. K

    XF 2.2 Install error on 2.2.10

    When doing an upgrade to 2.2.10 I get the following error that I cannot get past: ErrorException: [E_WARNING] file_put_contents(/var/www/html/community/internal_data/code_cache/templates/l1/s0/admin/option_email_dkim_confirm.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in...
  7. RoffDaniel

    XF 2.2 2.2.8 Patch 1 - upgrade issue: Files not writeable

    Good afternoon. Today I ran into a problem with a one-click update, similar to this thread: https://xenforo.com/community/threads/2-1-3-upgrade-issue-files-not-writeable.167684/ Server OS - Debian 11 Web-server software - Nginx 1.18.0 Site root directory owner - root (all fiels 755. install...
  8. corinthia

    XF 2.2 Rich text editor not working after upgrade

    Hello all, I just upgraded my forum from 2.1.7 (I think) to 2.2.8; this was my first time upgrading since I purchased my license in 2019, so to preface, I have absolutely zero experience navigating the whole upgrading thing. For the most part, it was seamless. The custom theme I use ported over...
  9. rolo

    XF 2.2 User upgrade delay

    Hello, Some of my members proceed to upgrade. When they pay, I give them permissions to access additional user groups. I just need to know if user upgrades are automatic (after a member pays, he is reasigned to new user groups automacically) or XenForo runs some kind of cron job every X...
  10. rolo

    XF 2.2 Send welcome email to users who upgraded

    Is it possible to send a welcome email to users who upgraded? Thanks!
  11. Robru

    XF 2.2 Trouble with upgrade XF2.2.4 to XF2.2.5 (CMD)

    Hello, I have problems with the upgrade of XF2.2.4 to XF2.2.5 100% Copy all files to the XF folder Merge and replace! After copying to the Command Line The same version, never happened before! Is there an error in the XF2.2.5 package?
  12. B

    XF 2.1 allow unregistered users to see account upgrade page

    how can i allow unregistered users to see upgrade page? https://site.com/account/upgrades
  13. BasilFawlty

    XF 2.2 Couple Newbie Upgrade Questions

    Ok, so I am currently running 2.2.3 Patch 1 and am going to want to upgrade to 2.2.4 1. If I do the one-click upgrade to 2.2.4, does that automatically also upgrader Media and Resources add-ons? 2. If not, is there a on-click option to upgrade the media and resources or do those have to be...
  14. I

    [INZ] User Upgrade Conversation 2.0.0

    Creates conversation after user bought upgrade. Table of vars: {name} Username who bought paid upgrade {id} ID who bought paid upgrade {upgrade_title} Upgrade title which user bought {upgrade_start_date} When upgrade bought {upgrade_end_date} When upgrade ends
  15. A

    Lack of interest Force phrase version upgrade in child languages when phrase content has not been changed

    Just finished translating the 4K+ outdated phrases for v2.2.2. Took a few weeks, working several hours a day, to accomplish this. Many (if not most) of these phrases have to do with the integrated emoji library, and many (if not most) of these latter contain the same text as their previous...
  16. eva2000

    XF 2.1 How to restrict updates to latest XF 2.1 branch?

    On my staging test XF 2.1 installs I am testing things out but how do I restrict the upgrade prompt to only XF 2.1 updates and ignore prompting to updating to XF 2.2 for a specific XF 2.1 instance ? I plan to have a 2nd staging test XF 2.2 install for testing XF 2.2 ?
  17. Mouth

    Lack of interest Cli Upgrade - Don't default anonymous usage statistics question

    When performing xF cli upgrade, after upgrade is complete you are prompted ... The question comes with a default response ( y or n, I cannot remember which it is, I believe y) As the upgrade can take considerable time going through its upgrade steps, if you press enter at anytime through the...
  18. Amadeus

    Quick Upgrade Question

    Just so I know how much time to allocate, does anyone have any experience so as to say how difficult it is to upgrade from XenForo 1.3.10 to the latest 2.x version? The style/theme(s) I was using are no longer supported, so I'm not planning to worry about transitioning those. Also, I'm not too...
  19. chaim2003

    XF 2.1 js and styles files not found after installation

    I've installed version 2.1.6 Patch 1. I use docker from https://github.com/xfrocks/docker-xenforo. I used default parameters, except host name. Installation passed without problem, however after install, I got problem with js and styles folders. While I'm opening any page, I get errors on any...
  20. IgorG

    XF 2.1 Correct upgrade sequence

    I have Xenforo 1.5.24 with XenForo Resource Manager and Xenforo Enhanced Search plugins installed (versions for XenForo 1.5.x). Now I have to upgrade my forum to XenForo 2.1.x with corresponding versions of the same plugins with saving all data. If I start the upgrade XenForo first, will it not...
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