1. Mouth

    Cli Upgrade - Don't default anonymous usage statistics question

    When performing xF cli upgrade, after upgrade is complete you are prompted ... The question comes with a default response ( y or n, I cannot remember which it is, I believe y) As the upgrade can take considerable time going through its upgrade steps, if you press enter at anytime through the...
  2. Amadeus

    Quick Upgrade Question

    Just so I know how much time to allocate, does anyone have any experience so as to say how difficult it is to upgrade from XenForo 1.3.10 to the latest 2.x version? The style/theme(s) I was using are no longer supported, so I'm not planning to worry about transitioning those. Also, I'm not too...
  3. chaim2003

    XF 2.1 js and styles files not found after installation

    I've installed version 2.1.6 Patch 1. I use docker from https://github.com/xfrocks/docker-xenforo. I used default parameters, except host name. Installation passed without problem, however after install, I got problem with js and styles folders. While I'm opening any page, I get errors on any...
  4. IgorG

    XF 2.1 Correct upgrade sequence

    I have Xenforo 1.5.24 with XenForo Resource Manager and Xenforo Enhanced Search plugins installed (versions for XenForo 1.5.x). Now I have to upgrade my forum to XenForo 2.1.x with corresponding versions of the same plugins with saving all data. If I start the upgrade XenForo first, will it not...
  5. caino79

    XF 2.1 Hide "New patch" button from the dashboard

    Hello, I need to hide the auto update button, from the dashboard, to my other forum admin. There is an option, or at least a css rule, to do this? Thanks.
  6. zoldos

    XF 2.1 phpBB 3.2.8 to XF 2.1?

    Is there an import function to go from phpBB 3.2.8 (latest version) to XF 2.1? Thanks!
  7. hemant_bhardwaj

    [Xenbros] User Upgrade Ban 1.0.0

    [Xenbros] Upgrade Ban allow you to ban user by default if he raise the issues with payment or refunded by you. This will prevent those user who upgrade account and use stuff on site and missuses the refund policy like paypal have. Banned screen Option Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you Like it This...
  8. hemant_bhardwaj

    [Xenbros] User upgrade Notification for xf1 1.0.2

    User upgrade Notification addon will increase your overall sales of user upgrade, as your visitors will get more confidence in upgrading when they see how other are buying. Delay First Notification – Delay first notification for x seconds after the visitor lands on your website. Delay between...
  9. hemant_bhardwaj

    [Xenbros] User upgrade Notification 1.0.2

    User upgrade Notification addon will increase your overall sales of user upgrade, as your visitors will get more confidence in upgrading when they see how other are buying. Delay First Notification – Delay first notification for x seconds after the visitor lands on your website. Delay between...
  10. S

    XF 2.0 recommended Upgrade path from 2.0.10 ??

    I see my xenforo is slightly behind at 2.0.10 is it recommended to go up to current 2.0.12 or up to the 2.1.X branch & 2.1.3 what are the improvements from current along each path?
  11. Dadparvar

    Upgraded to XF2.1 - Our Experience

    After a long time waiting for it, finally upgraded 1 of my main sites to XF2.1! In this thread I want to talk a little bit about our journey to XF2.1, which will include: how XF2.1 made the life much easier what add-ons we no longer use, and why what add-ons we still use and why what add-ons we...
  12. Wutime

    Limited Guest Viewing v1.7.0

    Fully featured system to limit the number of content pages your guests can view before being forced to register. It also supports a nag system to warn users that they're on a limited number of views before having to register. Proven method of increasing forum registrations without negatively...
  13. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Install And Upgrade 2.0.0 Patch Level 1

    Install our add-ons directly from your site. Thanks to @ThemeHouse for creating the Install and Upgrade add-on To run the add-on you must have the following add-on: [TH] Install And Upgrade
  14. hemant_bhardwaj

    User upgrade invoice by xenbros 2.0.0

    This addon will generate invoice of user upgrade purchase with printable option Get invoice Button Invoice list Invoice Option How it works Install and activate the add-on as an ordinary xenforo plugin. After installation set custom user field ID in option that will be use for user detail...
  15. developr

    XF 2.0 How to find Addon-ID for CLI-Update?

    Dear Community, I would like to use CLI (xf-addon:upgrade) for addon updates but where can I find the required addon-id?
  16. ^[GS]^

    XF 2.0 Format date Strange

    I am upgrading my XenForo 1 to XenForo 2.0.10, now... What's happend with the format date? <time class="u-dt" dir="auto" datetime="2013-03-06T18:17:32-0300" data-time="1362604652" data-date-string="6 dAmerica/Argentina/Mendoza Marzo dAmerica/Argentina/Mendoza 2013" data-time-string="6:17 PM"...
  17. tmoflash

    XF 2.0 Lost permissions

    Hello, I just completed an upgrade to 2.1. However, when I go to do install it tells me I do not have admin permissions. I went into the database but I cannot find the specific user. I see xf_user, but how do I find my specific username and change to super-admin. I cannot access the admin panel.
  18. cellarius

    Not a bug Upgrade overwrites translated/customised navigation element titles

    My xenforo 2 installation is in German. It took me quite some time to translate all the elements in the navigation manager, since they do not seem to be phrased. Now I just upgraded from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5, and all the translated navigation element titles were overwritten. Please tell me I won't...
  19. george.dascalu

    I want to buy xenforo v1

    Hello, I have a small question, can I buy xenforo v1 and then can i make an upgrade to xenforo v2 , I know you might think this is a silly question, but i want to make a migration from an old forum that was on phpbb platform , and to import it in xenforo , i have first to do a migration in...
  20. C

    XF 2.0 Upgrade error XF1 to XF2- "do not appear to have the expected contents"

    So I followed the instructions for the upgrade from XF1 to XF2. This is what pops up. There are at least 1 file(s) that do not appear to have the expected contents.Reupload the XenForo files and refresh this page.Only continue if you are sure all files have been uploaded properly.