XF 2.2 Couple Newbie Upgrade Questions


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Ok, so I am currently running 2.2.3 Patch 1 and am going to want to upgrade to 2.2.4
1. If I do the one-click upgrade to 2.2.4, does that automatically also upgrader Media and Resources add-ons?
2. If not, is there a on-click option to upgrade the media and resources or do those have to be manually? The reason I ask is, in the Manual, under the Xenforo Media Gallery Section, it states "If you are using version 2.1 or above you can also upgrade using the one-click upgrade system." But I'm not seeing where/how to do a one-click upgrade for other than the base forum software.
3. Should I disable ALL add-ons before attempting to upgrade?

Thanks in advance.
After you upgrade the forum you'll see the update for Media and Resource Manager in the Admin CP and be able to one click update them the Admin CP. It's always a good idea to backup your forum and database before updating.
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