1. Nicolas FR

    Addon Update Notifier - FRENCH translation

    Nicolas FR submitted a new resource: Addon Update Notifier - FRENCH translation - A french translation of the Addon Update Notifier add-on from mazzly Read more about this resource...
  2. Nicolas FR

    Addon Update Notifier - FRENCH translation 1.1.3

    French translation of the Addon Update Notifier add-on from @mazzly
  3. A

    XF 2 Custom add-on

    I am looking for a trusted developer to create a custom add-on Budget for the start: $ 100-250 (If that's not enough, let me know) Add-on - Group community More details about the add-on will be available on priv
  4. D.C Style

    Beta D.C Style - Widgets Importer 1.0.0 Beta 1

    Introduce Add the possibility to export & import widgets. Can export specific widgets to XML file. Can import widgets from an uploaded XML file. Can delete all widgets with a one-click button.
  5. Baby Community

    Add-on Google Auto Ads editor Request

    Friends xenforo plugin manufacturers this is a global call. You all know Google auto ads. Xenforo is the scourge of the forums. It breaks the theme. But it doesn't work without it. It is a good source of income. My only request from you is to make a Google Auto ad editor plugin for...
  6. S

    XF 2.2 PDF Files Won't Attach

    We have been looking into how to allow PDF uploads (with a maximum size of say 50 MB). Preferably, we would want to attach the PDFs, rather than, embed them. Currently, when users of our forum press "attach", and chose a PDF, it looks like it uploads, but, when they post their message, the...
  7. P

    XF 2.2 How build a service to be used for different pages/addons?

    Not sure if this is the right space to ask this question, so apologies if it's not. I am looking for the best way to implement a common function across all pages to be used in my Xenforo. Reading the documentation, looks like the best way it's to build an add-on, am I right? I am wondering if...
  8. BasilFawlty

    XF 2.2 Couple Newbie Upgrade Questions

    Ok, so I am currently running 2.2.3 Patch 1 and am going to want to upgrade to 2.2.4 1. If I do the one-click upgrade to 2.2.4, does that automatically also upgrader Media and Resources add-ons? 2. If not, is there a on-click option to upgrade the media and resources or do those have to be...
  9. Up4Deal

    Up4Deal - Make your Forum Great Again !

    Ladies and gentlemen, We present you a new service for and only for XenForo 2.x Our available services: Installation Service Securing your XenForo Add-on installations Installation theme Forum Creation We will soon propose : The creation of add-ons Importing forums to XenForo 2 You...
  10. S

    XF 2.1 Porting TOC BB code add-on for XF2.1

    I'm trying to port an add-on I developed 3 years ago for XF1.5 to XF2.1. Here is the original thread about it: I don't think it's storing any data in the database. It is just parsing and rendering a bunch of BB...
  11. twisted1919

    Unmaintained We built our first XenForo add-on and wrote a tutorial about it

    Hello everyone, We just went through a migration from XenForo 1.x to 2.1 where we had to port some of our changes as add-ons for the 2.1 version. We thought it would help to write a blog post related to writing a XenForo add-on, mainly because we're not XenForo developers, but it was easy...
  12. Mr. Jinx

    XF 2.1 Remove files with add-on?

    I have an add-on that installed some extra javascript libraries using build.json (additional_files). For a newer version of the add-on, those libraries are not needed anymore. Is it possible to uninstall / remove those files for those who are going to upgrade the add-on?
  13. Working on Tour and Hint add-on for XF2.1

    Working on Tour and Hint add-on for XF2.1

    If I get my weekend uninterrupted though!
  14. zoldos

    Add-on can someone show me the "Font Awesome" resource?

    I have "Font Awesome Switch", but I can't seem to find the original, simple "Font Awesome" (XF 1.5.x). Can anyone please link me? Thanks!!
  15. A

    Add-on Stop Forum Spam for timezone (additional field)

    Hi, i hope, that`s correctly area for my question / problem :) is it possible, with a timezone query to stop forum spam? i mean, the most unlucky registrations are from another land (timezone). If all users not coming from the timezone X ( two or three exceptions ) are put on moderation. Would...
  16. Mr. Jinx

    Dutch translation for XenForo 2.2 + add-ons 2.2.12

    Donations are welcome by just liking this translation or leaving a nice review, that's all! :love: This is the latest and complete Dutch translation of XenForo 2.2 14.000+ phrases translated It also includes the translation of various popular add-ons (bonus!). If you don't have these...
  17. Oblivion Knight closed

    Sadly it seems like whatever health issues are currently affecting @au lait aren't getting any better, and his website is now closed.. :( I'd like to wish him well, and hope that he's well enough to return at a later date.
  18. P

    XF 2.0 Send parameters to add-on by $_GET

    Imagin I created a page in Xenforo -> Nodes and named it memberBusinessCard. And made an add-on and named it getBussinessCard. This add-on will give a user_id and send it to another service and give the card info for the member. This is the add-on callback: <xf:callback...
  19. SyTry

    [SC] Message User Info - XFRM 2.0.0

    Description : This add-on allow you to add the resources in Message User Info. Feature summary : Style properties : Resources Branding : This add-on does not include branding. Installation : Download and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/SyTryC/MessageUserInfoRM directory to your server...
  20. T

    XF 2.0 How can I save the input which was written into a custom display location?

    Hello xenforo community! Wasn't here for a long time but because I've got summer holidays I'm finally able to work on my forum style again.. Problem: I've created a new Display Location for a custom user field (settings in my example). Into this display location I've tried to add a new input...