1. Mr. Jinx

    XF 2.1 Remove files with add-on?

    I have an add-on that installed some extra javascript libraries using build.json (additional_files). For a newer version of the add-on, those libraries are not needed anymore. Is it possible to uninstall / remove those files for those who are going to upgrade the add-on?
  2. Working on Tour and Hint add-on for XF2.1

    Working on Tour and Hint add-on for XF2.1

    If I get my weekend uninterrupted though!
  3. zoldos

    Add-on can someone show me the "Font Awesome" resource?

    I have "Font Awesome Switch", but I can't seem to find the original, simple "Font Awesome" (XF 1.5.x). Can anyone please link me? Thanks!!
  4. A

    Add-on Stop Forum Spam for timezone (additional field)

    Hi, i hope, that`s correctly area for my question / problem :) is it possible, with a timezone query to stop forum spam? i mean, the most unlucky registrations are from another land (timezone). If all users not coming from the timezone X ( two or three exceptions ) are put on moderation. Would...
  5. Nerdface closed

    Sadly it seems like whatever health issues are currently affecting @au lait aren't getting any better, and his website is now closed.. :( I'd like to wish him well, and hope that he's well enough to return at a later date.
  6. P

    XF 2.0 Send parameters to add-on by $_GET

    Imagin I created a page in Xenforo -> Nodes and named it memberBusinessCard. And made an add-on and named it getBussinessCard. This add-on will give a user_id and send it to another service and give the card info for the member. This is the add-on callback: <xf:callback...
  7. SyTry

    [SC] Message User Info - XFRM 2.0.0

    Description : This add-on allow you to add the resources in Message User Info. Feature summary : Style properties : Resources Branding : This add-on does not include branding. Installation : Download and unzip it. Copy the src/addons/SyTryC/MessageUserInfoRM directory to your server...
  8. T

    XF 2.0 How can I save the input which was written into a custom display location?

    Hello xenforo community! Wasn't here for a long time but because I've got summer holidays I'm finally able to work on my forum style again.. Problem: I've created a new Display Location for a custom user field (settings in my example). Into this display location I've tried to add a new input...
  9. bebekforum

    Unmaintained ThemeHouse Last Post Avatar 1.0.0 Turkish Language File 1.0.0

    For Installation; In the languages section, select Install at the top right corner Then click on Select File to load the language file with the patch removed from the zip code.
  10. Freelancer

    Styling & Design Customization Services

    Being in at 3+ years of XenForo I have received great insights on how the community works and what bothers admins that use XF the most. After using and customizing the style & design (and partially the functionality) of 112 add-ons I know what pain it is to have so many add-ons that all look and...
  11. GasparLopez

    [REQUEST] Adsense Click Fraud Monitor add-on for Xenforo 2.0

    Hi i think is good idea make a add-on similar to WP plugin Click Fraud Monitor for Xenforo because more site has adsense and need protect with fraudulents clicks from bad people..... Its possible make something similar to this plugin????
  12. Michael A.

    LiteSpeed Cache for XF2 - Community 2.2.1

    Developed by LiteSpeed Technologies - the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for XenForo 2 (LSCXF2) is a PHP-based plugin that communicates with your installation of LiteSpeed Web Server(LSWS) and its built-in page cache, LSCache. Because LSCache is built directly into LSWS, overhead is significantly...
  13. Yugensoft

    Roundtable on interactions between 3rd party add-ons

    I wanted to open this discussion, as it's an issue that I've faced a little, and one that I've seen many customers bring up. This is where two add-ons from different suppliers interact in a way that breaks one or more of them (especially one of them). It especially effects customers with large...
  14. M

    XF 1.5 Spam management add-on help needed!

    Our main IT guy is on vacation for the next month and this is unfortunately the same time our forum started getting massive spam issues. (image attached) He managed to get an email to me with the log-in information for our customer account, but while I can now download add-ons, they always...
  15. rodnicho


    I play on a Minecraft server that uses Xenforo forums. (Web: When it is necessary to vote, it verifies the votes and I would like to know what it is like add-on ?? I hope to buy a license from Xenforo if I can find a part of what I'm looking for. The add-on that I ask you...
  16. Rohan Ekanayake

    XF 1.5 How can i add recent thread to main forum list ?[Home page]

    Hello everyone, i want to add recent thread to main forum list.i already installed ******* - recent threads forum index add-on .but it haven't good look like . here is my current look - . Please help me to make it like...
  17. Allan

    Dynamic letters avatar - [Deleted]

    Allan submitted a new resource: Dynamic letters avatar - - This add-on allows your members to use a dynamic avatar, it is a color background with the first let Read more about this resource...
  18. Benjah

    Custom thread creation into a add-on

    Hello, I'm writing an ad-don where the goal is to hook the thread creation under a particular node of the website. Ex: From this page, I would post a thread under this node: I used a...
  19. enivid

    Add-on Display User's Attachments in User's Profile

    Hello! I need an add-on that would allow members to see all attachments (images and other files separately) of any other forum member by visiting their profile page. Please let me know how much would it cost and how long will it take. I prefer to pay via Skrill, but can also pay via PayPal.
  20. T

    Discord [Deleted]

    Thibeault submitted a new resource: [XS] Discord - This add-on allows you to follow the activity of your forum through Discord. Read more about this resource...