1. VanillaNeko

    Bibliography avatar

    Good evening, I wanted to know if there was an addon that allows to propose an avatar library members? Thank you in advance for your answers. VanillaNeko
  2. iseamonet

    Add-on BBcode Add-on that adds these features

    I visited a Xenforo forum, and these items are available in the BBcode. Is there an add-on that includes these features? Also, is there an add-on that lets Html go into the thread post? Headers & Sub-Headers Dividers Inline Spoilers Highlights Justified Text Image Float Blockquotes Fieldsets...
  3. iseamonet

    Add-on Is there a Fundraising Add-on?

    Is there a Fundraising Add-on? Possibly a donation add-on that is vivid and styled with colors and the ability to post media and BBcode/Html/CSS to make the donation attractive?
  4. iseamonet

    Add-on "New Today" add-on/current activity add-on

    Hello everyone, I was looking for some kind of add-on or utility that I could use that posts or automatically updates on every page a new thread post, new poll or something that has happened so that my members know it is active. I have an active forum, however most people do not know there are...
  5. VanillaNeko

    French translation for Chat by Siropu 1.25

    French translation of the best tchat in XenForo.
  6. VanillaNeko

    French translation for Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level 1.7.5

    French translation of the famous add-on: Post Ratings - taking likes to the next level.
  7. dondomainer

    Some questions before buying

    First : Sorry, I think before I post in the wrong place. This was my question : ----------- Hi, I've been looking if available a feedback review for users, i have found Trading System addon, but in the images will not appear anything related with - Positve, Neutral, Negative Feedback, Feedback...
  8. Dadparvar

    Using Criteria in add-on

    Hi, Can anyone post a complete tutorial on how to Criteria in add-on? (user, date, page ... criteria, which each has own tab normally in add-on page) And also how to use them in act? Because it seems adding them to items in acp would be easy as adding some lines of codes. because xenforo did...
  9. Dadparvar

    Xen-Pro Services and Offers

    Hi, As you may see in some of my add-ons associated thread, people asked for discounts (mostly because they had plan to purchase add-ons when they were in lower price but because of new features they became higher) And some people had some good suggestions like offering bundle. So, mostly...
  10. D

    Add-on Automatically Apply Prefix Based on Usergroup

    Does anyone know of a mod or add-on that allows one to force a prefix to be applied for every thread created by a given user group? Ideally regular users of that usergroup would not be able to remove that prefix.
  11. dutchbb

    Add-on Not Safe For Work (NSFW) :: update for 1.5.7 ?

    About this add-on: Has anyone heard anything about the creator and whether he wants to upgrade it for the current xf version? Or maybe another dev can take over with permission from xfrocks? If not I'll probably hire a dev to...
  12. otto

    Alphabetical pagination for XF and more - german translation 1.2.0

    German translation for "Alphabetical pagination for XF and more" addon. Deutsche Übersetzung für das "Alphabetical pagination for XF and more" Add-on. Support for these translation only here or by: Support für diese Übersetzung hier oder auf: XenForo Forum - Die deutsche Support...
  13. R

    How to set default values for permissions?

    How to set default values for permissions - preferable at install time? I just want to prevent users of my addon to wonder why something does not work when they did not set up the permissions.
  14. cjesuele

    Add-on Need Custom Registered Feed (RSS) BBCode Tokens - Great Budget

    I’m pulling in eBay’s RSS feeds onto my Xenforo message board via Applications > Registered Feeds. In the Message Template (when creating a new Feed) I’m able to pull in the {title} {content} {author} {link} GOAL - I need to pull the eBay Item ID Number as well. The Item ID Number is actually...
  15. Allan

    Tools Bar - [Deleted]

    Allan submitted a new resource: ToolsBar - - This add-on lets you create a Toolsbar for your forum! Read more about this resource...
  16. dougiemac

    Add-on Pay FOR Posts?

    Does anyone know of an add-on that will facilitate the following? I have a classified section that I want to grow on my forum. The classifieds are made up of regular XF threads. I want to encourage more users to post more new threads in the classified forum. To do this, I was considering...
  17. Michael A.

    LiteSpeed Cache - Community

    Developed by LiteSpeed Technologies - the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for XenForo (LSCXF) is a PHP-based plugin that communicates with your installation of LiteSpeed Web Server(LSWS) and its built-in page cache, LSCache. Because LSCache is built directly into LSWS, overhead is significantly reduced...
  18. Freelancer

    XF 1.5 Can not create User anymore

    Okay with 42 add-ons now this does not come as a real surprise but unexpected. I can not create any user in the ACP anymore. The following error is displayed NO MATTER what name, password I use... It looks like the form is not processed and the error is the same as if you leave all fields...
  19. N

    Add-on Widgets showing articles from specific WordPress categories

    Hi there, I am looking for someone to create three custom widgets for WordPress integration into xenforo and the other way around. The widgets needs to work with [bd] Widget Framework. If there are existing add-ons that can be extended in line with copyrights, please point out and feel free to...
  20. Allan

    Premium Page - [Deleted]

    Allan submitted a new resource: Premium Page - - This add-on allows you to create a Premium Page! Read more about this resource...