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Being in at 3+ years of XenForo I have received great insights on how the community works and what bothers admins that use XF the most. After using and customizing the style & design (and partially the functionality) of 112 add-ons I know what pain it is to have so many add-ons that all look and feel "different" throughout your forum and that you have personal standards that are seeking to have everything look consistent – as if it would have been made for you individually. That is possible.

What I offer is the missing link between developers that focus on function and the admins that want to have the best user experience and a design that matches their style perfectly. With 20+ years of offline/online-design experience I can help admins to "tweak", "straighten", "smooth" individual design / UX flaws that you experience with your installation. In addition to that I can also mentor, guide or fulfill your XenForo core and/or add-on installation and setup process.

The following list is at this point like an intro price level for this community. I want it to make it as easy and convenient for you. I might extend the list to offer more complex design services in the future.

Style Fix/Tweak Services:
  • Fix smaller HTML/CSS template issues / make smaller customization: 5.- Euros per tweak/page
    (Example: change the colors and shapes of elements of one page, move elements around one template/pag, add new phrases)
  • Fix moderately complex HTML/CSS template issues / make moderate customization: 9.- Euros per tweak/page
    (Example: change button orders, add elements, repair CSS conflict issues, add icons, fix user banners)
  • Fix complex HTML/CSS template issues / make complex customization: 29.- Euros per tweak/page
    (Example: add new templates, add custom template mods, fix responsive design issues)
  • Add third-party script to template/page customization: 49.- Euros per tweak/page
    (Example: add Font Awesome 5 to XF1 global or functionality extending scripts to pages. Paid License Scripts are not included, must be paid extra, you own the license)
Admin Services:
  • Install smaller add-on: 5.- Euros per add-on
    (Example: add-ons that extend core functionality, like for extending private conversations, report system, navigation etc)
  • Install moderately complex add-on: 9.- Euros per add-on
    (Example: add-ons that add extended core functionality with multiple frontend/backend pages)
  • Install complex add-on: 19.- Euros per add-on
    (Example: add-ons that add a complete new section like media galleries, ticket system, showcase, articles etc)
  • Install XenForo Core and set it up (basic settings to start) : 49.- Euros per installation
  • Set up complex add-on: 29.- Euros per add-on
    (Example: creating add-on categories, setting permissions, creating custom fields.)
Coop with Developers:
I also offer Consulting/Mentoring/Cooperation for add-on developers that want to improve their add-ons' User Experience design. Prices need to be negotiated individually, depending on the complexity of the software and level of cooperation.​
+ More in the Future...
What I do not offer:
Although I can utilize and insert most pre-coded third party JavaScripts and PHP, I will not offer to make any code/functionality changes or extensions to them nor to XF core. I am specialized on the design part.​

General Infos:
A prerequisite for all customizations / installs would be to have access to the specific frontend pages and ACP template system of XF at least, while complex stuff and uploads of third-party resources also demand for having a working FTP access to the server.​
Payments only through PayPal. All projects must be paid upfront after the complexity and tasks to be fulfilled are agreed upon – except for projects over 200.- Euros, where there can be a deposit of 50% of the total upfront and the last 50% once finished.

Please contact me via PM to get started and leave a rating in this thread of the outcome afterwards.
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Had Mike do some work on my sites design, looks a lot better than I thought considering it was already customised he made it even better. Already looking at getting some extra bits done. When all is finished I’ll get some previews on.
Freelancer did some work for our site, and I'm very satisfied. He fixed most of the problems we were having in a very short timeframe with more than reasonable pricing. Highly recommend!
I asked @Freelancer to carry out some work for our site today.

He was very efficient, professional and I'm delighted with the outcome.

The most value for money freelancer I've ever had the pleasure to work with - I'll definitely look to enlist his help in future.

Just want to leave another message for the fantastic Freelancer who once again did some fantastic fixes for us on a theme of ours. Not only was he cheap, but he provided a smart and simple solution to help us fix all of our problems. I highly recommend him, there's few people better than Freelancer to get your job done.
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