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  1. Ovunc Dinc

    Search Results with GSE 1.0.0

    This add-on, works with Google CSE and shows to search results with use "Google Search Engine" and Default. Before the installation 1. Go to Google CSE : https://cse.google.com/cse/create/new and add your website. 2. Choose full width option, when you create to the search code on Google CSE...
  2. ThemeHouse

    [TH] Giphy 1.0.1 Patch Level 1

    Giphy Giphy from ThemeHouse unites XenForo 2 and Giphy with seamless integration for the first time, allowing easy access to gifs for every occasion. Includes content rating filters and endless fun (endless fun not guaranteed). All you have to do is use the button provided in the text editor on...
  3. Mythotical

    XF 2.0 Cron Query

    So this is where I have ended up after days of trying. What I am doing is using JSON to gather data from another site then inserting that into the database. This will happen only once, then there will be a daily check that will check for specific updates to the data and update the entry once a...
  4. Mythotical

    XF 2.0 ACP Option Dropdown

    I'm trying to create my own drop-down select from items stored in a table. I'm looking for guidance or a place to look. Looked at the Forum renderSelect function and checked the files but it has confused me. Maybe I just need sleep. LOL Anyway thanks for any help
  5. gotski

    Add-on Returning a small opportunity from the XF1 version (PAID)

    Hello, need to develop an addon for version XF 2 Need to return the notification on profile page, following or not following profile's owner for the member who visited his page. I do not know why the developers of version 2.0 removed this small opportunity, but users of my community complain...
  6. Mythotical

    XF 2.0 Method to Replace cURL

    Ok I have this so far, I'm not sure if I need more but before I test, I wanted to make sure I have what I need. $requestLink = $region.'wow/realm/status?locale='. $locale .'&apikey=' . $options->xenwow_api_key; try { $results =...
  7. Z

    XF 2.0 How to check login status outside xenforo

    I'm here after 2 hours of searching. All I found were older versions solutions here is my code so far <?php $dir = __DIR__; require($dir . '/src/XF.php'); XF::start($dir); $app = XF::setupApp('XF\Pub\App'); echo "<pre>"; var_dump($app->session()); ?> The session contains the userId...
  8. Aquarist

    XF 2.0 New Blank Page + Google Map

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so looking for some help and advice from the experts :) I am trying to create a new blank page where i can add a google map with the normal default header and footer from the default layout if possible and i would add a menu to the links above pointing to the new...
  9. Mythotical

    XF 2.0 Update/Insert to DB Table

    So I have learned to create tables using the Setup.php file but have found nada on doing updates and inserts to said table. $sm = \XF::db()->getSchemaManager(); $sm->createTable('xf_some_table', function(\XF\Db\Schema\Create $table) { $table->addColumn('some_id', 'int')->autoIncrement()...
  10. Mythotical

    XF 2.0 Sidebar Position

    Is it possible to have the sidebar on the opposite side? Right now with my add-on, the sidebar is on the right but I would prefer it on the left.
  11. LAPKBH

    Language files compatability in xf2

    I have spend so much time translating XF1! Does the language files work in XF2?
  12. Mythotical

    XF 2.0 Xenforo_Application

    I'm converting an addon from XF1 to XF2 with permission from the original owner. What I'm wanting to know does this work in place of Xenforo_Application: XF::Application Thanks for any help and looking.
  13. Dermot

    Font Awesome on Menu and Sub Menus

    Add font awesome icons to menu and submenu drop downs. More unicode font awesome codes can be found at Font Awesome Icon List When you click single icon it will have unicode under the icon shown. You can add colour anytime using the CSS color attribute. To find missing menu items, just use...
  14. mysimsek

    XenNews Style 1.0.0

    XenNews Style I have prepared a new theme for Xenforo 2 and offered free sharing as a new year gift to you dear members :) The theme is a premium quality theme and has many unique features and features Theme Properties Unique greeting message area Template-specific header scheme...
  15. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Next Previous Thread 2.0.0

    This add-on allows you to move to the next or previous thread in one click. Replace "Next Previous" with the title of the threads thanks to a simple option. Positions available Top and Bottom Top Bottom Options : Top and bottom position : Next Previous Title : Threads title :
  16. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Warning Logs 2017-12-23

    This add-on will give the admin and moderators the ability to keep track with ease of all the warnings given in his/her forum from one place in the Forum Admin Panel. By doing this, administrators could catch up with their forum’s condition immediately. You can searching the warning log by your...
  17. C

    Multiple Node creation!

    Creating multiple nodes should be a default option. It's very time consuming to add a lot of categories or forums one at a time. I see no option as a standard feature in XF2 for creating multiple nodes. It is a very time consuming process! XF1 did have an add-on for this, but this really should...
  18. Mythotical

    Duplicate Spinbox not showing number when using Chrome

    When dealing with anything say adding options to an option group or Widget location, any time there are 2 columns of locations, the second column spinbox works but you can't see the number. I have discovered this is XF2 working with Chrome, I have disabled my extensions and the issue still...
  19. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] User Activity (Users Viewed, Viewing Thread, Viewing Forum) 2.0.8

    This add-on allows you to see who read the threads, number of visitor members in the forums, and visitors / members who navigate in the threads. Feature Summary Multi options Usergroup permission Count reader each threads Count viewers each threads Count viewers each forums Multi positions...
  20. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Next Previous Resource 2.0.0

    This add-on allows you to move to the next or previous resource in one click. Replace "Next Previous" with the title of the resources thanks to a simple option. Positions available Top and Bottom Top Bottom Options :