1. Starbucks

    XenForo Figma or Sketch File

    Does the XenForo Staff team has an internal XenForo design file in Sketch or Figma? If yes, is this something that you guys would be able to share? This could be handy when designing plugins or structures! I think if we had access to a design file that follows the core design principles...
  2. W

    HTML-Landing page

    My site has a HTML-landing page which has much more - about 20 to 50 times more visitors than the forum. There are serveral reasons, mainly a popular domain-word and the short Url which is published in a lot of books, newspapers and other media. So I wanted to draw the visitors interest to the...
  3. Osman

    Shadow 2.2.13

    Meet Shadow, best for any kind of Private or Public community,websites. With a Creative design and built with transparent approach it is a style that allows you to build a site that stands out from the crowd. Many theme options to easily create a great looking site to meet your specific needs...

    Not a bug Expert developer assistance please; troubleshooting......

    Good afternoon, Erik here, CEO of MILITARY BI MEN OR MILITARYBIMEN.COM based in Lawrence Kansas USA. I am attempting to buy/sign up for your forum format to assign to my private Google domain,, signing in under my XenForo original sign email and...
  5. leonhardtmm

    XF 2.1 Structure of a page with Topics listed

    Does anyone know how it is possible to structure a page similar like this: I would like to list all the topics on one page. When the user clicks on a topic (see Screenshot) he sees what has been going on regarding that topic on a page like this...
  6. Starbucks

    Redesigned Login Screen

    Hi there, I love the rich features of XenForo, it’s capable of almost everything! 🤩 So I’m working on this project for an organization and decided to redesign the UI of XenForo. Even though I’ve already done some redesigns in the main UI, I’d be sharing some more pics over time. To start...
  7. Nulumia

    Unmaintained Block Message Elements Example Page

    The block message type is very common element used throughout Xenforo. If you're designing addons, custom page nodes, or even just customizing your style, you may want to utilize these classes in your work. The idea here is to create a handy cheat sheet which lists the various Block Message...
  8. B

    Style [PAID]Search a devolper for Design

    Hello Dudes, I don't know if this is the right topic. If not, please postpone. Actually I had a developer for my design, but now he doesn't have time for it anymore. I am looking for someone who can program my design for Xenforo 1.5 ! Here is the preview of the design. Offer maximum 200€ ...
  9. Freelancer

    Styling & Design Customization Services

    Being in at 3+ years of XenForo I have received great insights on how the community works and what bothers admins that use XF the most. After using and customizing the style & design (and partially the functionality) of 112 add-ons I know what pain it is to have so many add-ons that all look and...
  10. LuisM

    HowToMedia - Adobe, Design, Video, Photographie Community | Feedback?

    HowToMedia Introduction HowToMedia is a community consisting of discussions about design, videos, photography and drawing with "Adobe"-programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and InDesign. Target customers One target is to create a community for designers where they can find useful...
  11. mysimsek

    Unmaintained [XFTR] Horizontal Postbit Design

    Hi friends, I am sorry that I do not speak English. This simple postbit design that I have prepared for those who want to use horizontal design instead of vertical postbit design of Xf2 is composed of css based layout. All you have to do for this is to save the following codes in the...
  12. aljaxus

    XF 1.5 Logo issues

    Hello i would like to know how to disable the "logo" feature (the red-square one). Red is the one that i want it to be removed . Limegreen is the one i want to keep Red is "Header and navigation > Settings > Header Logo Image Path" Lime is "Header and navigation > Header > background image...
  13. iseamonet

    XF 1.5 Flat Awesome Background Coding/Design Needed

    Hello everyone, my Website Needs a background, however I do not know how to make it the proper dimensions so that it doesnt need to repeat, and can cover my background from every corner. I have my own designs that can be sized properly, or I can purchase a design from...
  14. Historical

    GeekZone - Stay Geeky

    Site Name: GeekZone Site Link: Site Features: Chatbox Fully Responsive Modern Style Paste (WIP) Image Uploading Script(WIP) Resource Manager(WIP and much more! Site Description: GeekZone is a newly launched community currently dedicated to coding and graphics. We will open...
  15. G

    Custom work needed.

    I have set up a community and need some help with custom work. I need help in adapting the theme, colours. positions of buttons etc. I also want to develop some of the functionality, most likely needing some custom add-ons.
  16. erich37

    Grid Layout for RM

    Suggestion: It would be great to have a "Grid Layout" for the RM (achieved with CSS). Examples: :)
  17. Daniel Hood

    Bootstrap 4

    Apparently version 4 is coming soon. Bootstrap 4 alpha
  18. gabarba

    Hi All, We just launched our site not to long ago as open beta and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on what you guys all think. This is my first time at developing a community site so any feedback is welcome. Primarily I develop tools for Magento so I was...
  19. erich37

    "Post New Thread"-Button / change position

    Suggestion: change the "Post New Thread"-button towards similar position as it is already on "mobile view". Advantage: This will make the button better exposed and therefore also better visible. Example: this new suggested button-location also makes more logical sense, as the user is...
  20. ThemeHouse

    Unmaintained Xenith

    There is no support for this product. We recommend testing first and backing up your install before moving to a production environment. Emergency support is not guaranteed if it is put on production. If you are in need of support, please contact us here. Support may be billable but we’ll be...
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