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My site has a HTML-landing page which has much more - about 20 to 50 times more visitors than the forum. There are serveral reasons, mainly a popular domain-word and the short Url which is published in a lot of books, newspapers and other media.

So I wanted to draw the visitors interest to the forum on the HTML landing page.
Until now there exists no solution for this.

By chance I met the programmer M. Mahdi K. Kanan, who is the best programmer I ever met - and after 35 years working in professional IT business I know what I am talking about.
He solved the problem very nice, at this opportunity he also created a script that the entire HTML-part of my site (about 30.000 files) were transfered into responsive design without touching the original files.
You can contact M. Mahdi K. Kanan here:

This is how the HTML-landing page looks like:

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