1. B

    XF 2.2 Logo on email doesn't appear

    Hi There, I'm using defaut style on my website. I've updated settings in : default style - style properties - Emails. Every CSS settings work fine except the logo who doesn't appear. My logo is a png file : is it my mistake or is there another setting ? Thank you for your help.
  2. kaydo

    XF 2.1 Get no html view on route page

    Hello, I'm learning programming and want to create an addon which have it's own page. Everything is good so far, but on the page html won't work? Well, I created a new route with following inputs: And that's the code (/src/addons/NewAddon/NewPage/Pub/Controller/NewPage.php): <?php...
  3. Nulumia

    Unmaintained Block Message Elements Example Page

    The block message type is very common element used throughout Xenforo. If you're designing addons, custom page nodes, or even just customizing your style, you may want to utilize these classes in your work. The idea here is to create a handy cheat sheet which lists the various Block Message...
  4. C

    XF 2.1 How would you recommend migrating to XenForo when HTML has been used extensively in the past?

    We have a vBulletin 3.8.x forum that has LOADS of HTML in the posts. I understand the reasoning why this isn't supported in XenForo and I would rather remove the need for posting HTML in the future instead of using an Add-on to support it. I have already updated my external scripts to use the...
  5. D

    Lack of interest Searching & Saving of Private Messages

    Hi, Have been using XenForo for more than a 5 years and while I do enjoy it much more than the previous forum software that we utilized there was a feature on the old forum that I have yet to see implemented in XenForo. That being the ability to download/save the PM history to text, csv, html...
  6. Kruzya

    As designed Unfurled description displays html tags "as is"

    For example: XF displays tag a "as is".
  7. Dan619

    Unmaintained Add a Donate block on the Sidebar

    Hi everyone, This is my first attempt at a side block and I love how it turned out! This is the result: How to do it: Go to your admin panel : Appearance > Widgets > add a Widget. Widget definition : HTML Widget key : Donate_by_Dan Title : Donate! Forums list : Forum list: Sidebar...
  8. T

    XF 2.0 How can I save the input which was written into a custom display location?

    Hello xenforo community! Wasn't here for a long time but because I've got summer holidays I'm finally able to work on my forum style again.. Problem: I've created a new Display Location for a custom user field (settings in my example). Into this display location I've tried to add a new input...
  9. wmtech

    [WMTech] Content Downloader 2.1.0

    Description: This product allows you to provide your users downloadable files for content at your forum. The entire content of threads, conversations and all posts of a member can be simply downloaded into a standalone file and stored locally to be read or consulted later. You can choose...
  10. T

    XF 2.0 Edit birthday fields on register Page to one field?

    Hey :) At this moment I'm working on the register design. Now i came up to the point that i wanted to change the birthday fields to one field. Normally the birthday register field is looking like this: But I want that the "Date of Birth" field looks like this: Normally it isn't very hard to...
  11. hutch2323

    XF 2.0 Passing values from a textbox to .php function

    Hello again! I'm attempting to build a custom query page whereby a user (for admin use only) can enter a username into a textbox, click a search button, and retrieve the stored information connected to the username. Currently, I have blocks of code, but I'm not entirely sure how to combine it...
  12. Ali Ahmed

    XF 2.0 staff bar file template

    Hi Where is the template file for editing the login and register things like icons see the screenshoot. i can't find it out in admin panel thanks for help
  13. ssssss434534

    How can i edit this part of the template

    Hello I have a template and i want to edit the staff bar template like login and regiser icons but i can't find in admin panel see.. .
  14. Nulumia

    Implemented [XF2] Multi-line property type like XF1

    Hello, enjoying the features so far in XF2 but would love to see the multi-line property make a return to XF2. Many users of my themes really loved the ease of adding content directly into their themes by using this, without having to rely on a plugin or performing template edits. It's also...
  15. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Extending help page

    Hi! How can I change the settings of "Trophies" help page with my addon? Is it even possible? More specifically I need to change "Page content" field.
  16. Lukas W.

    Editor & BB Code Manager 2.0.0

    Editor & BB Code Manager Description Fully customize your XenForo Froala instance. Change your toolbar layout, enable and disable BB Codes, make use of the new table and background-color BB Codes, provide exciting new fonts for your users from your own server or external hosts. It's all in your...
  17. Bread

    Lack of interest Allow HTML in Custom Thread Field Descriptions

    As mentioned here:
  18. Alppuccino

    XF 1.5 Splash Page?

    Hi! So our XenForo forum is on We want so when you go to it takes us to a splash page, like this one: We have the domain and everything, just how would we point a splash page made in...
  19. Luke_Daniel_Rodgers

    XF 1.5 Need to create text container/wrapper/body

    Hi! I'm wondering if there is a code for creating a "text-background" or a physical text "wrapper". For instance, here is my website: As you can see, the text and image do not have a background, or wrapper box of their own; it is simply showing the websites background. This can cause issues...
  20. [xFv]

    HTML in addon

    Hello all! I am creating an addon that requires html to be parsed from the addon admin style property textbox. For example if I were creating a Notices addon and need to use something like this "{$user.user_id}" inside the Textbox to be parsed, how would I achieve that? I just get unparsed...