XF 2.1 How would you recommend migrating to XenForo when HTML has been used extensively in the past?


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We have a vBulletin 3.8.x forum that has LOADS of HTML in the posts. I understand the reasoning why this isn't supported in XenForo and I would rather remove the need for posting HTML in the future instead of using an Add-on to support it.

I have already updated my external scripts to use the XenForo API and BBCode to this end.

However, converting all existing HTML using htmlspecialchars on render isn't a good solution - it would be far nicer if we could just have all HTML stripped on import so it just isn't there. The inbuilt PHP strip_tags would be more than adequate for the most part - although some automated way of converting all <a href links to [url tags would be ideal.

Is there any way I can run the import and strip HTML from all fields as they come in rather than bringing the raw HTML into the database and then converting it to html entities on render?
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