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Does anyone know how it is possible to structure a page similar like this: https://www.planet-liebe.com/alle-themen/

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I would like to list all the topics on one page. When the user clicks on a topic (see Screenshot) he sees what has been going on regarding that topic on a page like this:

I like the structure. It gives a better overview and makes it simpler to find things.

Is anyone having any suggestions? How could I achieve a listing of the topics on one page?



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Thanks, I am not sure if it works like that... Users should be able to choose a topic and this topic should be the starting point for posting questions around it and starting threads in connection with it. The results are seen on a page like this: https://www.planet-liebe.com/thema/affaere/

But I think you might be right.. Would you know how a page like this can be achieved/created?
Here is another question: Could I force users just to choose a certain tag when they create a thread?
To avoid any kind of tag being listed on a page like this.. and to be able to control the content

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