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Good afternoon, Erik here, CEO of MILITARY BI MEN OR MILITARYBIMEN.COM based in Lawrence Kansas USA. I am attempting to buy/sign up for your forum format to assign to my private Google domain,, signing in under my XenForo original sign email and absolutely cannot and cannot reset the password. Your sign in system does, however, say that my account is assigned elsewhere. In the USA here I also run a homeless group home for homeless military veterans that would like to use your services, so I wanted to know if you ever donate to charity and, if so, what amount would you be willing to donate? In the mean time, please email me, Erik, the CEO, at My USA tax ID is 82-2021070. How can I first connect my domain,, through XenForo, then start in on my forum design work. And also, do you have professionals that help beginners like me get started for a reasonable fee? Also, what time zone are you in? I believe that I read your offices are based out of the UK and I believe the time difference between the State of Kansas in the USA and the UK is 6 hours - your are 6 hours ahead of us? I have about 430PM here now on Monday. Please advise and thank you so much.

Military Bi Men


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For account related and pre sales queries please contact us.

We’re unable to deal with customer account issues on the forum.
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